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My Seasonal Self-Care Routine

*This blog post is sponsored by Dove. All opinions and experiences are my own.


Along with the change of season comes a huge change in my skin. As soon as the weather starts to get cold my skin begins to get very dry and uncomfortable. I have such sensitive skin and it is so reactive and always affected by change of weather, diet, you name it. In the summer I focus a ton on a SPF skin care routine for both my face and body and come winter it is all about keeping my skin hydrated. Finding time for self-care is hard right now for so many of us, but I cannot stress how important it is. Even if you take an extra 5 minutes in the bath or shower, just adding a few extra steps to your routine can make all of the difference, and when you feel good physically, I truly believe you are more well-adjusted mentally. Whether you are a mom who needs self-love, adjusting to working from home and need to promise yourself a break away from screens, or out in the world as an essential worker needing to detox when you get home, I hope sharing my body self-care routine can help you find some peace this season! 


First, I always start with a bit of a detox. I love to exfoliate and remove all of the product and environmental build up off of my body. To do this, I use a body exfoliating mitt that removes any dead skin and product and is the perfect reset for my skin. It helps clear pores and since it is not a gel or any additional product, I feel like I get such a great clean from using it. All I do is stand in the hot shower for a few minutes, wet the mitt, and scrub from shoulder to toes. You can literally see all of the buildup come off your skin and it is so satisfying! What I love is that you don’t need any product, just the mitt and some water and immediately after this first step you feel like a new person. 


When I have a little extra time and my kiddo is in bed or my husband is home to hang with him, I love to reward myself with a nice bubble bath. After I scrub and exfoliate in the shower, I will fill the bathtub up and add in all of my favorite oils and bubble bath. I add both to hot water and just sit and soak for 5 minutes, it is so calming and so nourishing for the skin especially on the nights after I use my exfoliating mitt! 


After the bath and the extra exfoliating rinse in the shower I then follow up with a nourishing body wash. This helps to restore moisture after I just scrubbed the dead skin off and really helps to maintain the smoothness and keep from drying out my skin. I have recently started using the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash. I add it to my loofah or washcloth, and it provides a nice clean feeling while simultaneously restoring my skin’s moisture. After using it I feel so soft to the touch and it has helped to calm any skin irritations I get, especially around my upper arm and lower back where I tend to get the driest! 

 Dove Body Wash’s new formula is made with Moisture Renew Blend – a blend of moisturizers found in skin’s natural moisture barrier. Each variant is made with 100% gentle naturally-derived cleansers, free of sulfates and parabens, and pH balanced. Globally, Dove does not test on animals and is certified PETA cruelty free. Dove is the #1 dermatologist recommended body wash brand.


To finish off and really keep my skin feeling healthy and moisturized, I use any shower lotion while wet before I dry off. Using a lotion when wet helps to keep moisture locked in and helps me from feeling greasy or oily. This has helped to keep my skin from getting really dry and my skin absorbs the lotion so much better! 


For ambiance, I always have my shower speaker playing! It is waterproof and Bluetooth enabled so I pop on my favorite podcasts or current fav playlists and mentally check out. I love that I can take the speaker in the shower and bath with me, putting on music or something to listen to helps me to relax and when I am done, I feel energized and recharged and my skin feels brand new! 


Remember, we all have a lot going on around us right now. Most of what is happening is completely out of our control, but it is still so vital to keep up good hygiene and self-care. Whether you cram this routine into 5 minutes, or you allow yourself an hour to yourself, we can all be better wives, moms, and employees when we feel our best! Take the time for yourself, you deserve it. 



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