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Loving Lately: Podcasts


Always trying to be sure to offer more than just outfit posts and sales and shopping to my peeps, I took to Instagram yesterday to ask what you want the topic of my first “Loving Lately” post to be. Every few weeks I want to feature things I am loving; from movies to books, music to podcasts, and all and everything in entertainment. For the first post I knew it had to be either podcasts or books since those two are my lifeline to staying sane, and although it was a close tie, podcasts won the vote and I am excited to gather my top 3 favorite at the moment with you.


I listen to podcasts daily. What I love about listening is that its something I can do while handling other tasks. Usually I pop in my AirPods and listen while I am working on things around the house or driving alone in the car.

Folding laundry: podcast.

Cleaning house: podcast.

Editing blog photos: podcast.

Traffic on the 405: podcast.

You get the idea! Listening while tasking keeps my mind occupied while my body is moving and keeps me from being distracted or wanting to grab for my phone. I have sort of a wide range of podcasts I listen to, more often than not its typically true crime, but I also love inspirational, entertainment, and even parenting and real life podcasts as well.


Looking for a new podcast to binge or maybe just one you can join a community with?

(yes there are podcast communities)


Here are my current top 3 most played podcasts:

1. RedHanded: Full disclosure, MOST of the podcasts I love are true crime and I know I am not alone in that.

Something about the casual psychopath keeps me fully entertained. No, I do not condone these behaviors however YES I do want to hear all of the gruesome details about them. You either love it or hate it, and I definitely love it. Typically I like true crime podcasts that feature one case in an entire season because I love learning about the background, details about the crime, and follow ups, but RedHanded is the first podcast I have fallen in love with that features one crime per episode. What I love is that the hosts do a wonderful job of giving enough detail of every crime from beginning to end to feel filled in and they are incredibly entertaining along the way. And their British accents don’t hurt, either! These hosts are entertaining, smart, witty, and tell great stories and I love even more when they add in their own theories. Whether you are new to true crime podcasts or not, I think you will love this duo!


2. Mom Brain: I can not believe I just discovered this podcast last month, I love it so much!

Whether you are a parent or not, I love the way the hosts cover such interesting topics that even if you didn’t have kids you would want to learn more about or learn more about the people they interview and their stories. If you are a mama, they cover topics that we can all relate to and maybe don’t openly discuss quite enough, which is something we all need more of! They aren’t experts, they are just mamas like us, and do a great job of not sugar coating or over dramatizing the day to days of motherhood. I have always been a fan of one of the hosts, Daphne Oz, and I have quickly fallen in love with the second host, Hilaria Baldwin. I walk away from every podcast laughing, feeling connected to these two strangers, and having answers and inspiration to topics I deal with in my own motherhood journey!


3. Skimm This: If you are anything like me, you definitely don’t watch the news or follow current events enough.

Finding time to watch TV is so difficult so finding time to then spend your few minutes of TV time to watch the news just isn’t the greatest way to unwind. From clouded news stories that only add to the daily anxiety of merely existing or whatever reasons for not wanting to watch the news I have, I started falling behind on keeping up with the important topics and headlines happening around the world and I was honestly embarrassed of it! A friend recommended Skimm This so I gave it a shot one day, and holy cow – its amazing!! Every day a new episode is released and gives a 15 minute run down of the most important news headlines in the world with zero personal opinion, just┬ápure facts! 15 minutes each day I can do. Also, in every episode they not only outline the facts of the events taking place, but then give a one minute rundown on why the piece of news is important and how/why it effects us here in the US and why we should care. Its been the easiest way for me to stay in the know of what’s going on in the news without it feeling like a chore. For all of you busy folks who can’t sit and watch the local or national news reports because of all the fear mongering, this is for you!


You had to know this post would still feature a fun outfit! It’s just fun visuals and also some of my recent favorite purchases. Besides that, I hope you love this new feature I will be doing. There are soooo many more podcasts I listen to and love, I just don’t want to overwhelm you on these posts so I will be back again to list some more favorites soon. Also, recent favorite books was very close in votes so that will definitely be my next “Loving Lately” feature, but for now you can check out this post where I shared a few of my favorites from last year. As mentioned, I also plan to share more of these types of entertainment topics so let me know if there is anything you would love to hear!


What are some of your favorite podcasts? I am always looking for new suggestions!




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