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DayDose Vitamin experience

*this post is in collaboration with DayDose, all reviews and opinions are my own

Taking Vitamins has always been something I struggled with so much in the past. I am so forgetful and fall out of routine quickly because I lose track of when I took my last dosage and fall out of routine once I stop labeling my doses. Last year I struggled so much with fatigue, from always being on the go, working, mom life, and all of my daily to-do’s that I was drinking my morning coffee and by the afternoon was reaching for energy drinks DAILY. I had to take a step back and really think about what I was doing to my body and decided that I had to get my health under control and take it more seriously. When I was given the opportunity to work with DayDose and share my experience with you I knew this would be the greatest way to keep myself motivated and find a dosage and vitamin routine that worked for me, I also was in desperate need to improve my overall wellness so I was excited to get started! As an added bonus I got to share a discount code with all of you. You can still get 15% off using 15ActivePS02 on Amazon.
I started taking DayDose at the end of October and the first thing I focused on was setting myself up for success. One of the reasons I loved this supplement immediately was because everything comes ready to take with each day’s dose of vitamins pre-labeled! I know it sounds small, but having each dosage packed individually with each day labeled made a HUGE difference in getting myself in routine.

Here are some of the practices I set in place to remember to take my supplements daily:

1.    Label each day’s dose (thank you DayDose for already doing that – this also makes them easy to travel with, I took them on all of our holiday trips over the last two months)
2.    Set a phone alarm daily when it is time to take your vitamins
3.  Keep packages near your morning coffee or water station (seeing the packages and having them within easy reach made it effortless to grab and take them every day)
Once I got into a good routine of taking my vitamins, I wanted to pay close attention to any of the changes I started to feel. First impression: zero nausea. Most vitamins make me feel sick, maybe I wasn’t taking the proper dosage in the past, but the first positive experience I noticed was that I didn’t have an aversion to the pills which was a huge deal for me.

After 1 month of taking my vitamins daily I noticed:

1.    More sustained energy throughout the day – I even stopped drinking energy drinks, major bonus!!
2.    Muscle strength – my daily workouts and routines were so much better; I was less sore from working out and had more endurance during workouts.
3.    Digestion – taking daily vitamins in combination with healthier eating habits really improved my gut health which had such a huge impact on how I felt and operated daily.

Overall, I feel grateful to have had this positive experience working with DayDose. People have been telling me for years the importance of taking vitamins daily to improve my health and energy levels and I always pushed it off and told myself I would be fine without them. The truth is, yes you are ‘fine’ without, but why would you want to be ‘fine’ when you can FEEL great?! I fully admit that I have been on the fence in the past wondering if vitamins really made a huge difference, which is why I really wanted to challenge myself and fully commit to this, now that I feel the positive impact of taking vitamins I don’t even allow myself to miss a day. Also, I just honestly wouldn’t have even shared my experience had I not done it honestly.
With all of the positive changes I felt in taking DayDose supplements, I don’t have any plans of stopping. I know how much of a difference it makes on how I feel and the energy level I have daily. I would much rather have a healthy amount of energy and strength than the fake energy and chemicals I was previously getting from energy drinks.
If you are interested in trying DayDose for yourself, you can order your monthly dose here: DayDose and don’t forget to use code 15ActivePS02 for 15% off!!
I am so grateful I took the time to place importance on improving my health and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to share this experience with all of you!


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