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Gift Guides: For Teens


1. Bath Bombs

2. Hydroflask sipper

3. Wildflower phone case

4. Polaroid camera bag

5. Charging hub

6. Hydroflask

7. Polaroid instant camera

8. Wildflower tech case

9. Polaroid photo printer

10. Water resistant backpack

11. Beach waves hair tool

12. LED strip lights

13. Mini golf pool

This is actually the first year I have ever done a Teen Guide, but truth be told, I don’t have a teen and haven’t been one in over 13 years sooo… I never felt like I could create an honestly great one. THEN I remembered, what the heck all of my nephews and little cousins are teens, why on earth am I not putting all of those little twerps to work?! SO, I did. Ok fine, none of them are twerps, they are all pretty freakin’ awesome and I guess they know what’s up because the links they sent me were LEGIT and even I think this list is pretty bad a$$. Trying to figure out if that makes me cool or lame…




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