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Gift Guide: For Him


1. Packing cubes

2. Stone bead bracelets 

3. Micro bluetooth speaker

4. Knit tech gloves

5. Electric razor with sanitizing station

6. AirPods Pro

7. Engravable bracelet

8. Toiletry case

9. Noise cancelling wireless headphones

10. Wool cap

11. Fitness tracker/smartwatch

12. Electric shaver

13. Starter skincare set

14. Travel cologne set 

15. Heavenly slippers

16. Home workout set 

17. Waterproof case


Still following the ‘no size required’ rule for my guides, my mens list is no different. This time, I recruited D to assist me in the list making and raided his closet and cabinets for all of his favorite items. These electric shavers are so good he bought one for my dad last year, he can’t fall asleep without his noise cancelling headphones, this water proof iPhone case MADE our Hawaii trip, he LIVESSS for Creed cologne, and Kiehls is his ride or die… and those slippers just happen to be on his wish list this year (hint hint Santa ;)). Trust me, I have the pickiesssst guy on the planet and these have all been checked off with his high maintenance seal of approval!




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