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October Reading List


This is one of my favorite dresses from summer and the oversized cardigan is a Nordstrom anniversary sale purchase that I now wish I ordered in more colors… loving the two paired to together for this California fall we are having (yup, still warm) but what I really came here to share are my recent novel loves. Anytime I post about my latest book finds on Instagram you gals go crazy for them and they start the best DM discussions so I am now going to do my best to share my monthly reads here for you all. Long term I would love to host a monthly book club, but we will get to that eventually!


Favorite recent books:

  1. After Series by Anna Todd: this is hands down my favorite collection this year by far. By chapter one of Book One I was hooked. I am currently on Book Three but finished the first two in less than two weeks flat, trust me it was worth staying up past my bedtime and obsessing over! I am now so invested in this series and it is taking everything in me not to escape to a hotel for a weekend to finish the last 3 books. If you love a good modern romance, this is the series for you!
  2. Verity by Colleen Hoover: if you have been here for a while and read any of my previous book reviews you know I am a HUGE Colleen Hoover fan. There is not a single book she has written that I didn’t love and this book is no different. I love that this book was a little less about romance and a little more ‘thriller’ which is different than most Hoover books. My favorite thing about this author has always been her character development, she truly knows how to pull the reader in to identify with the characters which I have always loved in books. This was a pretty quick read so if you are looking for an easy weekend escape, this is it!
  3. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware: if you prefer thriller over romance this is a fun read for you. I have been told for years how amazing this book is and I have to say I did enjoy it, but didn’t LOVE it. I personally know several friends who felt different and rave about it, but for me it was an okay read; mostly I just had to know what all the hype was about. I like the idea of the plot line but was I was sort of bored after the second chapter and the ending felt predictable. This book has a solid following so maybe it just wasn’t my speed, but I will say that I think it would make an excellent movie! Its often compared to The Girl on the Train which I read years ago and LOVED, but unfortunately I wasn’t as big of a fan of this book as I hoped to be.


Books on my wish list for the next month:

  1. After Series by Anna Todd: as mentioned I have completed Book One and Book Two and am currently reading Book Three. There are a total of five books in this series so I plan to finish these off over the next month.
  2. The French Girl by Lexie Elliott: hoping this fills my ‘thriller’ box for the month. I have read mixed reviews but the plot sounds so fun and I had to grab it during my recent B&N shopping trip. Sometimes I end up loving books I find at random before reading the reviews, soooo we will see how it goes!



Have you guys read any of the above recommendations? I love nothing more than a good book discussion, PLEASE feel free to share your thoughts and recent book loves as I am ALWAYS on the market for a good read!




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