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Noémie + Life update

Earrings // Sweater // Denim // Sandals by Hermès // Hat // Sunglasses 

It has definitely been a hot minute since I have updated anything here so here I am, back to say HELLO!! Also, I really wanted to share these stunning earrings with you that I haven’t take off once since receiving, and since I have a discount code I wanted create a place for you to be able to find it easily!! Also, life update below. 

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Life has been crazy busy but also super exciting as of late. D is working as hard as ever as it is our business’ busiest time of year (tax season) so Raj and I have been holding down the fort here at home. Raj is still loving his new school and while I still always feel like the mama who is trying to keep up with all of the classroom checklists and calendar of school functions, I will say we are getting better by the week at being full time school parents and we haven’t driven the teachers too crazy yet (although I will fully admit that we didn’t know last Friday was pajama day so we were totally those parents that rushed home after drop off and went back and changed Raj mid morning in class, oops). You win some, you lose some, right? Being a former preschool teacher myself, I totally remember those parents and wanting to give them a hug in those situations, I know it always kills mom and dad more than the kiddos and more often than not, the kids don’t even realize their parents goofed up. I try to remind myself of all of the preschool teacher advice I gave to my student’s parents back in the day… just. breathe. Other than forgetting the silly things, I would say we are hanging in there. I miss Raj so much while he is at school, this whole 5 days per week thing is taking some getting used to and I am already plotting to cut some days for summer. D and I actually decided that this summer we will prob only do 2-3 days per week of school, time flies and before we start Kinder, I just want as much time as possible with my boy. 

House plans are coming along slowly but surely. We are still in the process of decorating our home, I get so many hilarious comments from Instagram about our empty formal living room when I post mirror selfies. Yes, I know we need a rug. I know we need a couch. Heck, we need literally everything from top to bottom… but you know what? We will get there. We have been trying to focus on one room at a time starting with smaller to bigger projects and the most used rooms. We finished our nook right before the New Year and are so in love with that little space. Currently we are in the process of selling our master bedroom furniture and have new pieces coming this week and next month (our dressers were backordered until April), so I am BEYONDDD stoked for that! We loved our master bedroom furniture from our old house but unfortunately it just didn’t work in this house. In our old master bedroom we had massive walls and hardly any windows so we opted for large statement furniture pieces, when we moved into this house while we still have the same amount of space in the room, we have mostly windows so we lost a ton of wall space and needless to say our furniture just does not fit now. We are focused on making our room our sanctuary so before we started any other project, that quickly became priority. Up next: formal living room (so no more empty room mirror selfies) and then office… send help! Hahaha. Truly I LOVE decorating, the problem is I am soooo picky and so is D so it always takes us a few weeks to plan out a room and agree on decor. We like to shop multiple furniture stores, play around with different pieces and build on a vibe we want, if we don’t love something we won’t purchase it, so sometimes it takes a bit to find items we love. Its a marathon, not a race. 

Besides continuing our busy/hectic schedule, we have a ton of fun stuff happening this month. D and I are the proud coaches of Raj’s tee ball team this season and already having so much fun sharing this experience as a family, every Saturday morning until May are now baseball mornings, I will be attending and speaking at Altitude Summit at the end of this month and I am so stoked about that, my dad turns 60 this week (whoa) so my siblings and I are hosting a party for him this month, we are celebrating friend’s birthdays, some family birthdays, and I have some fun content coming out this month. It is a busy one!


Exciting announcement:

this month I am doing a giveaway over on Instagram for all of my readers!! I am personally giving away a $150 gift card to NORDSTROM for one of you as a thank you for being so loyal to me over the years. Can you believe I have officially been blogging for 5 years? This month is my 5 year blogiversary! To enter the giveaway all you have to do is like and comment on all of my Instagram feed posts for the month of March. I will pick one random comment and verify that you have liked/commented on all of my photos and the winner will be announced the first week of April!! Feel free to share this with your friends if you think they will love my content and love a chance to win a gift card from me. Good luck, I can’t wait to see which loyal reader wins!! 


Hope you all have the best month ever. Please stop by throughout the month to see what we are up to over here on SCS, don’t forget to comment below and say hello!! I am stoked to start making this your top destination space on the net again. Love you all!




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