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Welcome, Christmas 2018

Thank you King of Christmas for gifting my family this beautiful tree 

My dream tree is here and as soon as it arrived I couldn’t wait to pull it out of the box. I have seen the King of Christmas trees all over Instagram for the last few years and I have had it on my wish list for some time. When their sweet team reached out to me and wanted to work together last summer I almost cried of excitement and thankfulness. I have been counting down the days to get our tree set up and I have to say I was so happy to see how beautiful it is in person! We are so excited to decorate for the holidays, as much as I would love to get everything up right away though I am forcing myself to slow down and not feel rushed to go crazy quite yet. We have our tree up, but I think there is a part of me that still want to enjoy fall for a few more days and we will probably wait until mid-end of November to go all out, my goal this holiday season is to slow down and enjoy every minute and not to just ‘do it for the gram’ if you know what I mean. Not to mention it is realllllly throwing Raj off, he doesn’t have a full grasp on timelines yet so seeing the decor has him asking if every morning is Christmas, haha. I plan to do a full Christmas countdown with him so he can have a better understanding of how it all works, but for now we shall enjoy our beautiful tree and how even just standing alone it brightens up our home and puts an instant smile on all of our faces! 


Tree details: I ordered the “King Flock” pre-lit tree and it is 7 1/2 feet. It was incredibly easy to install, all you do is stack the 3 pieces and plug it in and all of the lights automatically connect and light up. It took all of 2 minutes to set up!

You guys, this tree is the tree of all trees… I am so in love and so happy with the quality and beauty of it! I can not wait to accessorize and get it all set, and once it is complete I will be sharing a ton more photos with you all. Also, below are my outfit details annnnnd my holiday decor wish list, its just a couple of things I plan to add to my collection this year!! 

Thank you SO much, King of Christmas, for getting our holiday season off to the most beautiful start! 


Christmas Decor Wish List 


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