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New look, New Me!

This post is sponsored by Zenni Optical

So here is a fun life update for you: I now wear glasses!

Like, not just the cool hip sunnies anymore, buuuut full on ‘prescription glasses because my vision is no longer perfect like it was in my youth’ glasses. I haven’t had my vision checked in about 5 years (I know I was already lectured by my doctor), but since the migraines have increased and I have felt my eyes straining recently, I figured it was time to get myself checked out. As luck would have it, you are looking at her, the new me aka ‘Mrs. Wear Glasses when reading, doing computer work, driving at night, using my phone, #30something.’ I am pretty much using glasses now for almost 90% of my day!

Once I learned of this new life changing update I knew I couldn’t wear just any old glasses. I wasn’t just going to walk out of the eye doctor with the basic frames and have no fun at all shopping for my new accessory; I mean, shopping was pretty in much my prescription from my doctor! Why would I miss that opportunity?! Just as fate would have it, my friends at Zenni Optical recently contacted me and since I had recalled looking at the email and thinking, “nope not me this time!” I realized I had to swallow my denial and search for the pushed aside response to them. Meaning, “why yes I am losing my vision now, wanna help me look cool?” And guess what? That is exactly what Zenni did!

Shopping for my glasses was incredibly easy. Their site is so easy to navigate and while the options are endless they make narrowing down your selection incredibly fun. You can shop by face shape, eyeglass style, trends, seasons, and once you narrow down your selection they have this really cool option to upload a photo of yourself and virtually try your glasses on. I had wayyyyyy too much fun with that, haha! I knew I wanted something traditional but then also a pair that was more ‘fun’ and since the prices are really affordable (they were triple the price at my eye doctor’s office) I went for one of each style. I have a bigger and round face so I know bigger frames compliment me, but I wanted something girly and subtle as well and I was so pleased with my selection. It was easy of filling in my prescription numbers, and once they got here I was excited with how they both looked on me – exactly like they did in the photo I uploaded… I actually kind of, sort of, LOVE them!

I have linked both of my style glasses here and here (I am wearing Cat-Eye Glasses 4411525 and the second pair are Cat-Eye Glasses 4412615). I love the tortoise style that I am wearing in these photos because I love the dramatic yet vintage and classic look of them. They make such a fun statement and love how they add character to my face. The lighter nude pair are so pretty and they will be the pair I keep in my car, they are not overbearing so I think I will feel confident wearing them when driving!

Since I am not quite to the contact stage of wearing glasses yet I am having fun adding these new statement pieces to my daily routine. With the price being so great I think I will be ordering a few more pairs to keep around the house and on nightstands and in my handbags and workbags… basically you can officially say I am turning into my mother 😉






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