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9 Step Easy Beauty Routine


It has been my personal mission to perfect an every day beauty look that is fast to complete (I am talking less than 5-10 minutes), and can be done with less than 10 products. Every time I look up ‘natural beauty makeup looks’ on Pinterest or online I see these perfectly curated and glowing makeup looks, don’t get me wrong are totally stunning, BUT they also take easily 20 steps, and ain’t nobody got a budget or time for that. Sorry! So, after monthssss of trials with products I have finally found a combination of products that I feel pretty and confident with that gives me full coverage and looking presentable to the public, but is also something I can easily do in a super short amount of time any morning of the week and doesn’t break the bank! Whewww

1. Primer: eliminates pores, calms redness, and evens out tone. This one isn’t dry or greasy and can be worn alone if you are in a hurry. This primer completely evens out my skin and even hides acne scars – I have yet to find anything better. 

2. Under eye brightener: this helps my eyes look more awake and less puffy, also lightens dark circles and adds a much needed glow! *my color: light/medium

3. Concealer: I have been using this since forever, this is my all time favorite because it gives such great coverage! A little goes a very long way so one tube of this can easily last you months. *my color: Medium (Light Medium)

4. Translucent powder: I add this on top of my concealer for an extra under eye setting. It helps keep my mascara from running and keeps my concealer from creasing and also helps to brighten up and contour around my eyes a little, it is just enough powder to brighten my face! 

5. Tinted setting power: I use this over foundation for full coverage (nights out, photoshoots, events) but I love it just as much by itself! It evens out skin tone but doesn’t sink into pores or look to powdery/dry. This is also great to keep in your handbag for mid-afternoon touch ups when needed.*my color: #2 Medium

6. Bronzer: this one is budget friendly and really beautiful. It smells amazing and I hate really shiny bronzers so love that this one has a matte finish! Also no need for blush on top of it because its not too dark.

7. Mascara: I have been using this for years, its a go to and so budget friendly which is great because I like to replace my mascara every month for sanitation reasons. This doesn’t bleed and makes my lashes look so full and long, I love it! Also I have very sensitive eyes and this does not irritate them one bit. 

8. Brows: I use this pot just to fill in some of the lighter patches of my brows. I already have thicker brows naturally but just to add shape and definition I use this very lightly over them! 

9. Lips: Kopari is my lifeline and has transformed my lips, honestly. Ever since using this lip gloss my lips do not peel, do not crack and always look soft and have a perfect pout. The shine makes this one so gorgeous even without any lip color so always keep this on hand!! 

*BONUS: my new favorite lip tint, Dior Lip Tattoo – you guys I already have two of these and I want every single color!!! This adds just enough color so you don’t feel over done and it stays on forever!! It is not thick, doesn’t dry out your lips, and you don’t even need a primer or lipliner, it just goes on so easily! *my colors: natural rosewood & natural berry



If you take the plunge and end up trying any of these products please let me know your thoughts! I love hearing from you guys and it lets me know I am sharing content you love. Are any of these products your go-to trustees?


LOVE to you all, happy new week!! 




South Coast Style OC