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Macy’s Home: bedding

This content is sponsored by Macy’s and ShopStyle

As you guys learned in last month’s post, Darshan and I are huge fans of Macy’s exclusive home brand, Hotel Collection.It has become such a trusted brand for us and has made transforming our new house into a home the easiest.There were some rooms that have needed major updates and sprucing up that we neglected in our old house so revamping each room has been so enjoyable! Macy’s was the one place we registered for our wedding over 7 years ago and is still the number one place I recommend my friends who are getting married to register at as well. The Macy’s Wedding Registry process is so seamless, easy, and great for both in store shoppers and for those who prefer to order online. Even now while we have been adding items to our new house and updating our wish list, I love that Macy’s gives the option to order online and pick up in store.They have fast shipping deliveries, and Macy’s Home department in store has so many items on beautiful displays which makes shopping enjoyable and not stressful. If you are a bride-to-be or know someone who is about to get married, I couldn’t tell you enough how much we loved that our registry was with Macy’s.Ever since,it’s one of the main places we shop for everything for our home.It really is the one-stop wedding and home shop! If you are interested in checking out Macy’s Wedding Registry for yourself, you can find that here. It is not only a great option for the soon to be married couple, but also for the guests because finding and shopping the registry is incredibly easy, as you can see here.

For this month’s project we really wanted to focus on our master bedroom. For years we have spent so much time putting all of our décor efforts into the living room, Rajan’s room, the playroom, etc. that the one room we spend the most time in has been completely neglected. Last summer we ordered brand new furniture for our room, including a new bed, but finding bedding to complete the room was such a struggle. We were being fairly picky, I will admit, and we each had some requirements so compromising was sort of a struggle. Darshan wanted something soft and cozy that wasn’t difficult to maintain.I wanted something pretty and neutral that could be used for years to come (can’t Darshan just let me have full control of home décor? Ha! In my dreams, #divahusband). When we were browsing Macy’s Home for our dining room items last month, we both fell in love with Hotel Collection so we knew we wanted to shop that for our bedroom. We love how neutral and timelessly classic every item is.The quality is one of the best we’ve seen yet, and it checked off the requirements each of us had. We decided to give the line a try in our bedroom and feel like finally we have bedding that we bothlove. The fitted sheet and flat sheet both in the color Khaki, are so soft and have maintained the perfect body temperature for us, even in this summer heat, and all of the details in the coverlet and pillow cases and shams are gorgeous. Even though we went with such neutral colors, the textures add so much style to our room; it was exactly what I have been looking for. We went with coordinated sheets, comforter, sham pillows, and pillowcases and then added this gorgeous throw to add some color and break up the monochromatic look. Seriously you guys, we love it so much!! Finally we feel like when we walk into our bedroom we are happy and proud, and climbing into bed feels like a dream; I cannot believe we waited this long to treat ourselves to some quality bedding!! I never understood until now how important it is to invest in the one place you spend most of your time in, especially when that one place is where you get your sleep.

I cannot say enough amazing things about Hotel Collection bedding, I plan to order another 4 piece set of sheets in white and have just ordered this down comforter as well since we have been needing a new one and I love them for cooler nights. Next item on our list are throw pillows, so you know where we will be shopping for those!

What is your favorite room in your house? Our master bedroom has sadly never been one of ours until we finally put the effort into making it more cozy, it’s been the best decision so far!



  1. Jigisha
    July 20, 2018 / 12:33 pm

    Looks beautiful, just looking at the bed, I felt relaxed and sleepy!

    • July 20, 2018 / 10:08 pm

      Thank you!! It feels great to finally have proper bedding 🙂


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