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Loving Lately: Beauty/Body

Hi friends! This is a post I have been wanting to start for some time now. Something I love is seeing and learning about are new products, other items people use, and finding out the benefits and reasons why these items are so loved. Because I love to learn more about what others use, I thought it would be fun for you to learn about what I am loving a ton of. From beauty, to self care, home items, gadgets, the wonderful thing about this post is every week I will bring you an assortment of items whether they are big or small, common or not commonly known of by others. I am a self proclaimed Amazon Prime junky, a Target clearance purchaser, and a home gadget lover. Some items I share here are things I have been using for years, brands and products I am loyal to, and some may be new discoveries or things I have been using and trying and recently am a fan of. I always find people don’t use just one brand for all, for a few months a skin care face wash will work great and then I stumble on another and use it for some time. If I purchase a candle and it burns, often I will try a new scent for a new season for a few months… you get the idea, we evolve and our taste changes (also I just love mixing things up a bit) so I wanted to have a post where once a week I tell you what I am loving and hope you will love it as well! 

For my first feature I thought it would be really fun to introduce body care favorites. We all talk about skin care, makeup, and clothes so often, but what about the body and skin that covers the rest of you? It deserves some love, too. I want my legs to feel soft, my shoulders to shine, and when I walk into a room I want to create an instant presence on your senses…


Loving scent: CHANEL Chance Eau Vive

Why I love it: This scent leaves such a subtle yet strong presence. It is one that people remember, one that leaves women (and men, lol) asking for when I walk by, and is timeless and appropriate for all seasons. It is light and airy enough for summer but warm and inviting for winter. I have others, I have loved others, but this is my go-to, my staple scent, and one that I use even when other bottles are sitting on my dresser. Also, it smells equally great but different on everyone who wears it. 

How long I have been using it: 5 years 


Loving body moisturizer: CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Why I love it: It may seem sort of random for you to see the body lotion I use every day, but if you are anything like me, this is a vital step in your daily routine. I can not get dressed without drenching my body in lotion, it is a necessity to me. I have very sensitive skin, I am prone to dry patches that last for weeks, but I also HATE feeling sticky and greasy. CeraVe has always been a trusty for me, and way back in college was the one store brand my dermatologist recommended the most. It is light but so highly moisturizing and when I neglect putting this lotion on in certain spots and I get those Eczema-like skin patches, they disappear after using this on them for a few days. The main feature I love is that it is scent free which I always look for, because fragrance can be irritating to the skin AND for vanity reasons because I don’t want it to clash with my perfume ;P I recommend this to anyone who complains about skin irritations and even now Darshan uses it religiously! 

How long I have been using it: 10+ years 


Loving extra moisture: Kopari Coconut Melt

Why I love it: I am new to the Kopari brand, I met their reps at an Influencer event 3 months ago and was gifted some of their products. Instantly, I fell in love. You know those brands you find and you just instantly fall in love and especially after meeting their reps you just know they are dedicated to making safe products? Well, this is one of those. I have become quite a major fan since that first meeting and while I wasn’t gifted this particular product, I had heard such amazing things about it I wanted to try it for myself so I purchased it and fell in love. I originally only purchased this small jar and now that it is almost empty I am about to order the huge one. This is the most amazing deep moisture quench you can give to your skin. For me, when my skin is extra moisturized I find that when shaving the razor burns and red bumps stop and it helps to keep my arms, feet, and hands looking more full and soft. Also, here is a pro tip I learned from their team: drop a few scoops of this into your bathtub, ohhhh my goodness it took my skin to an entire new level, most genius idea ever!! Also, the scent is pretty magical, I will use anything that makes me feel like I have been transported to a tropical oasis. 

How long I have been using it: 2 months 


I have had so much fun creating this post. Like I wrote above, I plan to do this for all things big and little going forward. Coffee shops, restaurants, snacks, beauty… the list is endless and that is what I love about this new feature and I am so excited to continue to share my loves with all of you. My hope is that over time and as I continue to add to it these lists will become a go-to resource for you when looking for something for yourself, home, or next life adventure! 



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