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Beauty 101: Eye cream

This content is Sponsored by VIIcode, all images and opinions are my own.

Product: T2 Oxygen Eye Cream

As you guys know I have been on a mission to show myself self-care and self-love lately, and that means taking care of myself from the inside and out. I have been trying to find mental peace and happiness in the crazy day-to-day life hurdles, find calmness in the daily grind, and more than ever show my physical body the same type of love. Where I once used to be extremely tight in spending money on great products I now find that as I am getting older, investing in quality products is so much better than buying 20 products for a cheaper cost just to try one that I hope and pray will stick; I am not getting any younger and my skin is not getting any easier to deal with and acceptance of that has made me realize the value of quality skin care.

Finding an eye cream that is of great value and actually works is really tough. I notice that lately my skin is happiest with more natural ingredients and products that contain less harsh chemicals, so now that I have realized and learned that (the hard way) I have become even more careful with the items I use. Eye cream never used to be a product I cared about, used, or spent money on but obviously with age and life come more visible physical challenges and that means the lines are starting to creep in and the circles show more than they ever have before. While I am one of the lone wolves who happens to love the beautiful laugh wrinkles my family is famous for, one thing I don’t personally love is the dryness I have experienced around my eyes lately, so while a wrinkle or two do not bother me one bit, I still care a ton about moisture around my eyes, so in comes the importance of finding a product that helps with that. 

I had the opportunity to try the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream recently and became a huge fan of the product. It checked off all of the important boxes for me: safe, quality ingredients, and no harsh chemicals. It couldn’t have come at a better time because if you haven’t noticed lately I have been on a mission to find skin care I can trust and use religiously and have been going through a huge skin transition; I used to have very oily, easily agitated, skin and for the last few months my skin has done a complete 180 and is now super dry and very sensitive. I have been told that it is fairly common with age so I am not too worried, but anything that can help increase moisture and hydration is already something I am interested in more and more. 

The two main ingredients in the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream are Elderberries (helps with glow), Jojoba Oil (hydration), and Evening Primrose (removes wrinkles and helps with circulation). All of these amazing ingredients combined provide so much moisture, which of course helps minimize wrinkles and fine lines – and let me tell you, I noticed a difference. 

One way I can tell a product is helping to hydrate my skin is always in how my makeup applies. When I am dry and irritated my makeup tends to look more caked on, it doesn’t last all day, and the coverage looks blotchy. When my skin is happy and hydrated my makeup looks smooth, has a pretty glow, and I require almost zero touch ups throughout the day. After two weeks of using the Oxygen Eye Cream I noticed that under my eyes I was able to use less concealer and the little bit that I did use just to brighten my face went on smooth. Also, because the texture is lightweight and doesn’t leave sticky residue, it didn’t cause my mascara to run, which is another issue I have had when using other eye creams. 

Overall I highly recommend this product if you are in the market for qualityskin care. I had great results and more than anything I felt safe using it and really saw a difference in my skin. Where I once used to only see the benefits in investing in shoes and handbags, I have come to realize that what is more important than those items is investing in self-care and products that make you feel radiant and confident all around! 

What are some products that are most important to you as you get older? I would love to hear what you are currently in the market for! 




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