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Glen Ivy + Skin Regimen


Recently I was invited to one of my favorite Sothern California Spas, Glen Ivy, to attend a day of spa treatments and pampering and also to learn more about a new skin care line recently launched with Skin Regimen. They allowed me to bring a guest and I was elated when they approved for my guest to be my mom. If there is anyone in the world who deserved a day of pampering, it was my mom. She works so hard and hardly takes any time to really pamper and show love and care for herself because she is always more worried about taking care of everyone else, so what better way to spoil her for a day than with Glen Ivy? I also knew that a portion of the day included an education panel on how to care for yourself from the inside-out and I really wanted her to hear the advice and tips they had to share because I personally believe that being educated on all things health are beneficial for all of us, especially for those like her who work constantly.



The Skin Regimen team along with one of the developers, Dr. Claudia Aguirre, recently created a line of skin care that is specifically made for women and men who live in urban cities. They wanted to create something unique for those who’s skin is constantly exposed to traffic/pollution, high populations, and the go-go-go lifestyle that most live in urban/metropolitan cities. They took a look at the environment and developed a line specifically to target the effects that city life can have on us. Dr. Claudia is a neuroscientist and licensed esthetician so her focus and studies are on the mind and body connection, mainly how stress and internal health directly effect our external health – skin, body, physical aging.

What I learned from Dr. Claudia is that that stress has a huge impact on the mind, body, and soul – no brainer, right? The thing that I never took the time to learn about though was why, and also how to find solutions to combat it. What Dr. Claudia believes is that skin aging is a reflection of how the brain and internal health are aging, Chronic stress means stress hormones don’t have a way of releasing out of the body (especially if you are not working out or providing proper care for yourself) so what happens is this stress then causes cortisone levels to rise and build up and eventually they release through the skin, thus causing inflammation (breakouts, wrinkles, rashes, ect). When you are stressed, sleep deprived, or not taking care of your mental health, this has long lasting and damaging results on your brain andbody. Basically stress = inflammation. You start to lose your natural glow; your skin and body take the toll of it all. This is seen even more in those who live in urban developments… why? Because our stress levels tend to be higher, thus causing more skin problems.

Ok, so now that I have officially freaked you out, here is how to combat those problems and how you can make some daily changes to help decrease your stress levels and improve your quality of life and overall internal and external well being:

  1. Manage level of stress in adaptive practices – find what causes the major stresses in your life, look deeper into the relationship you have with stress, and come up with some active solutions to ease those stressors. Work, family, commutes – those are things that can not always be removed, but what you can do is find ways to help cope during those high stress situations so you feel a little more at ease when dealing with them.
  2. Reflect on your lifestyle, what are you doing physically to help release the cortisone levels in other areas? Workout, go on walks, find some sort of physical activity that helps you to physically release the stress, this will help decrease the chances of it coming out in skin problems.
  3. Aromatherapy – this is something that I never realized is a huge coping mechanism when battling stress. Find sounds or smells that bring you to a memory of a relaxing situation. Is there a smell that reminds you of someone that calms you or a vacation you have been on in the past? For me, this has become HUGE in coping with every day stress. Personally, I respond really positive to the scent of coconut, it reminds me of summer, relaxing at the pool and beach days growing up, and it takes me back to some of the most relaxing and happy vacations I have been on. The smell of coconut makes me happy; what this does is send a signal to your brain that helps decrease stress levels. Take the time to find a song, music, or scents that help you to relax – put that scent in your car, play that music in your home or when driving, and really incorporate it into your daily life.
  4. Pay attention to heartbeat and body signals – sweaty palms, perpetration, loss of hair, losing or gaining weight, brittle nails – this is all tell you you’re your body is breaking down , this should make you realize you need to reassess life.


So how does the new Skin Regimen line help combat these external and internal stressors? Here is what I learned about the line and have loved ever since:

With the recent findings of neuroscience research and the effects of stress incorporated, they have found that skin all by itself is able to produce its own cortisone called HPA Access. The ingredient, wild indigo, which is used in the skin care line, helps to regulate stress. The scent sends signals to your brain to help relax it and externally it will calm the skin – both of these together help to increases beta-endorphins. The new line covers everything around longevity: glycation (sugar which causes wrinkles), inflammation (reduces inflammation),  and epigenetics (DNA, blueprint – ‘over the genetics’ changes gene function and modifications of DNA).

Remember, YOU’RE NOT LOCKED INTO YOUR GENETICS AND DNA, YOU CAN CHANGE THAT by treating it. This was one of the key messages Dr. Claudia shared with us, and something that personally resonated with me. What these products help to do are increase methylation and reduces inflammation. The science speaks for itself.


Above – before facial // Below – after facial glow


Ok, so now that the science fun is out of the way, lets talk spa day! My mom and I were fortunate to receive facials using the products from the Skin Regimen line, and massages using Skin Regimen and stress-relieving techniques. It was the ultimate day of relaxation.

Because my mom and I are veterans to Glen Ivy, we also took a huge chunk of our time there and relaxed and enjoyed the treatments offered on the premises. We did mud treatments, soaked in the mineral water, and enjoyed relaxing in their amazing pools. If you are planning a trip to Glen Ivy in the future, here is everything you need to know when prepping for the day:

  1. Wear an old/dark swimsuit. If you plan to do the mud body masks (which you should), the red clay can stain your suits – that is not something you want to be worried or stressed about for the day so wear a dark suit you wont mind getting a little dirty.
  2. I always wear my suit with a cover-up to the spa, similar to how I would dress for a pool day. I then pack a change of clothes and everything for after a shower, they have wonderful locker rooms where you can store your belongings with really relaxing showers that are stocked with wonderful shampoos and body wash – no need to go home sweaty or sticky. They also have hair dryers and everything you would need to get ready, we always shower there before driving home, its so refreshing!
  3. Bring a book! Relaxing by the pools and in between treatments is my favorite part; make sure to bring some great reading material.
  4. You can pack snacks and water but they also have a full restaurant and bars for healthy drinks and cocktails. It is also smart to bring a large refillable water bottle because they have water stations everywhere (hydration is the MOST important). But if you forget your water bottle you will be more than fine because they provide cups. Also, I never leave without having at least one piña colada and my mom and I love the food at the restaurant so we usually do lunch while there.
  5. If you can, leave your phone on silent. Part of the experience is allowing yourself to relax completely. Leave it in your bag and check it only every so often, I promise you will thank yourself later for an all around relaxing day.


Just my mom and I living our best life…


If you are in the Southern California area or plan to visit soon, Glen Ivy is a MUST-experience. We have been going for years and trust me when I say it is a little piece of heaven on earth!! Take your girls, your mom, or even your husband, and indulge yourself on a much-needed day of pampering.





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