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Thank you California Closets for sponsoring this post.

I recently had the opportunity to meet with the team from California Closets in our new home to go over some closet renovations and tips. When we started packing for our new house one of the first rules we promised to stick to was creating a minimally cluttered and more functional space in every room. We wanted to own fewer items and have a more tightly organized home to create a sense of peace and ease in the middle of the chaos that is our busy lifestyle. When California Closets offered their experts to help make this happen I felt like the closet Gods had opened the gates into the dream that is a more organized life.

Before we even started our move in process, and in the middle of a construction and paint zone in our house, I had the opportunity to meet with Missy the local project manager from California Closets in Huntington Beach. Her and I were instantly vibing and when I told her my hopes for our new home organization it was as if she could read my mind, she instantly understood all of my needs. Missy immediately jumped in my closet, started taking measurements, and before I knew it we were propped up in my living room going over design and layout suggestions, all of which she completely nailed. What I loved about working with her is that she was so patient and listened to everything I said I was looking for and incorporated it into the final design. She took every item in my closet into consideration and created a virtual closet space for me that was not only highly functional but also aesthetically appealing. She even took the time to create a personalized closet space for my husband, and she nailed every detail for him as well. They use a 3D technology to virtually show how the closet design will look once finished, it is so awesome because you are able to fully visualize it even before the process begins.

She didn’t just end there, though. Along the way of designing my dream closet, Missy also educated me on the process of de-cluttering and creating a ‘Spark of joy’ in every item I own, all tips referenced from the Marie Kondo ‘KonMari Method.’ Marie Kondo’s book (as seen above and found here) goes into more detail and has actually been recommended to me by several people, but Missy made it so honest and real which left such a profound impact on me. One of my favorite tips: ‘Tidy by category, not location’ – this allows you to see exactly how much you own, and also helps to create an ‘Order of Tidying’ – laying out items that are the easiest to store to the hardest (clothes, books, papers, etc.).

One of the number one tools I walked away with from my meeting with Missy was how to truly maximize and organize my closet in the best way that suits my needs. She went over the KonMari t-shirt fold method with me (as seen below) and she gave me some tips on how to categorize my hanging tops by style, season, and then reminded me the importance of color coordinating, which are all things I implemented right away.  California Closets also specializes in pantry, office, garage, and bedroom design so no matter what your home needs are they can assist you with your project.

Here is a sample of the type of meeting I experienced with California Closets (this video features Marie Kondo herself) you can also learn more here



My meeting with California Closets really helped me to get in the best mind set before we moved into our house. Our closet before meeting the team was such a huge mess and completely dysfunctional, it was always stressful just walking in it. We have since been able to transform the way we approach our home and space and have made our closet the most useful and aesthetically pleasing since!

What are some of your best closet practices? As time goes on I plan to continue to share more of my closet transformation with you all!



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.





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