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At Home with Macy’s

This post was sponsored by Macy’s and ShopStyle but all text, photos and opinions are my own.



I cannot even begin to tell you what a dream come true this is for me!!! One of the promises I made to myself was that I was going to learn how to cook and get better at making dinner and treats at home. Raj LOVES watching people cook and we often spend our days at home baking together which has become one of our favorite activities to do together. One of the main reasons I feel like I never got super into cooking is because from the time Darshan and I moved in together (over 8 years ago, wow) we never really invested in proper kitchen gear. All of our pots and pans were hand-me-downs and odds and ends from our parents’ kitchens and it never made for a cohesive and easy cooking space. When we moved into our new house we decided that with a kitchen as beautiful as this we needed to make an effort to invest in proper cookware. Our go-to destination to do that was a no brainer; we have always trusted Macy’s the most!


Let me rewind and explain a little why it has taken us 8 years to decide to replenish our kitchen. Back when Darshan and I first moved in together, we had just recently been engaged and were knee deep in wedding planning. We spent every extra dollar on wedding items and every minute planning so anything extra was just bottled up and saved for later. We knew we would register for our wedding so we always felt like the home items would come later and as needed, it wasn’t something we placed importance on right away. When we finally got around to registering for our wedding, the first and only place we knew we wanted to make our registry at was Macy’s. We had browsed the Macy’s Home department so many times after moving and since we hadn’t had the funds to shop at the time, we had already made a ton of lists in our heads beforehand. Martha Stewart Collection, created exclusively for Macy’s, was a gold mine for me!When we registered for our wedding it is safe to say that almost every single item was from the Martha Stewart Collection. Our bedding, baking, kitchen and bathroom registry wish list was jam packed of her items!


Once the wedding came we had received almost everything on our registry (thank you family and friends) except pots and pans, hahaha! It became such a huge joke with Darshan and I that
our family just knew I wasn’t destined to be a chef, but it never bothered me because our bedroom, bathroom and baking goods were all fulfilled. But, now here we are, 8 years later and I still have yet to go back and finish collecting the items on my original registry… that is until this last week!! When Macy’s contacted me to work on this campaign with them I almost cried because one of the huge promises I made to myself was to finish getting everything I didn’t complete from our registry and fill my kitchen with the items it so deserved.



If you are a bride or groom to be and are trying to decide where to make your wedding registry at, I cannot recommend Macy’s more. What we loved about registering with them is that the families who planned ahead and wanted to buy and ship a gift to us were able to do so really easily, anyone who was a bit more of a last minute or in-person shopper could go into any Macy’s and buy items off our registry, it was a win for everyone! Also, the registry is so easy and painless, you can register in store, like we did, or you can register online. What we did was register in store and had a ton of fun with it, then came home and added items to our registry online from merchandise that wasn’t in store at our location. If you are wanting to register for your big day, you can find the Registry information and inspiration  here, you can create your registry here, or if you know someone who may have created a list you can find their registry here!


I cannot say enough great things about Martha Stewart Collection, if you are trying to narrow down your kitchen item list, I highly recommend starting with her collection. She is honestly a pro and has made her mark on the baking and cooking world so all of her items are so spot on for use and practicality. The flour and sugar bins I picked from her line are a total baker’s dream come true!! All are airtight and each came with the user tools, which I love.



Here are some of the items I recently purchased and also some I have added to my kitchen wish list recently:

As seen above, these pots and pans, this wonderful baking set, and my new favorites – the flour, sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar containers


What are some of your kitchen must-haves? I am still adding and trying to figure out what else I need so all suggestions are welcome!




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    Beaibeautiful kitchen, brautiful housewife


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