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*this content in sponsored by Cuties Citrus #100daysofSunshine


What brightens my day? Spending time with my little guy, the sunshine, and a beautiful beach day whether the weather is warm or cooler. We are pretty lucky to live across the street from the beach and for Raj and I it has always been our happy place. We love going on little adventures in the sand and whether we are there for a day of water play or just to take a walk and enjoy our afternoon snack the sunshine always seems to ground us and lift our mood, even on the toddler tough days.


One of our favorite snacks to pack up and take down to the beach is Cuties ( Raj looooooves these little Cuties clementines mostly because of their sweet and juicy flavor but also because they are so easy to peel that he can even do them himself. It is seriously so cute to watch him peel the perfectly sized little oranges on his own (and also a great fine motor skill activity). We usually love to just snack on Cuties alone, but sometimes when we want an even more filling snack I will make some mini yogurt parfaits for us to enjoy together. It is so easy to throw in our favorite granola, Greek yogurt, and of course we always top with the peeled Cuties. There is nothing better than that vanilla and Cuties combo; it tastes like a healthy 50/50 bar (who remembers those?).


Here is my very simple recipe for our favorite Cuties Parfait:

1.Add granola, almonds, or your child’s favorite crunchy cereal to the bottom of a small jar

2.Add a few scoops of your favorite yogurt (we use vanilla Greek yogurt)

3.Top with peeled Cuties


Making then in a mason jar makes them easy to take on the go and I also always bring extra Cuties along because once Raj eats all of the Cuties off the top of the parfait he always asks for more for dipping.


What makes your day brighter? Follow along with Cuties 100 days of sunshine and feel free to leave your tips and recipes using Cuties, I would love to see how you and your family enjoy your favorite little snacks!




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