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Mom Favorite: Azaria Brand

*blog post in collaboration with Azaria brand, all opinions are my own*


One of the most frequently asked questions I get on Instagram and from blog posts that feature Rajan are from other moms wondering what products I am using for him, what he is wearing, or what gear we use regularly. I am always so happy to respond and send a list of any favorites I have because I remember when I was pregnant, when Raj was a baby, and even still now, I myself always turn to the Internet and other moms for information on the best baby goods on the market.

Searching for a diaper bag when I was pregnant with Raj felt like such a huge and difficult task. I had the most difficult time finding something that fit my personal style (I mean, I was going to be the one wearing it every day), finding something functional, and finding something that was easy to carry along with a little one and all of his other gear. The first year I used a large designer bag I had purchased while pregnant, it checked all of the marks in the ‘stylish’ department and was large enough to hold everything, but it was not quite as functional as I wished. Items would become so messy inside without compartments for storage, the straps were never long enough to wear on my shoulder when carrying Raj, and it just sort of became this huge pain. I finally found another type of bag, it was solid black and had all of the compartments I hoped for, it even had an attached cross-body strap that I thought would be great for carrying Raj and gear; however once using it I realized that cross-body was not as functional as I thought it would be. When Raj took off running, it flopped around and anytime I bent over it came toppling on top of me. Finally over the last couple of months, I started searching for something that would fit everything I wanted in a bag. Also Raj is older now so even though I do not need to carry as many items with me, I still wanted something that would be easy to fill with snacks, toys, changes of clothes (potty-training) and my things as well. Now that Raj is even more active than ever before, I also wanted something completely hands free. That is when I found Azaria. I had been searching Instagram and different websites for some time and never really found what I was looking for – something chic, functional, and hands free – and so when I found this gorgeous backpack, I knew I had to have it.


I was so excited when I reached out to the owners of Azaria to set up a collab and they were the sweetest in working together, they were so sweet and responsive and I was excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the company so I could share with you all! I just received my Azaria bag two weeks ago and I will fully admit that since getting it in the mail, I have not used a single other bag AT ALL (not even for myself). This bag is incredibly beautiful, so well made, and best of all – FUNCTIONAL!! It sits so comfortably on my shoulders, the straps do not bulge into my shoulders even when I have it filled to the brim, and when I am wearing it I almost forget it is there because it is so light. It also has so many easy to store pockets and compartments, both inside and outside, which I love because everything has a spot and everything is easy to search and find when I need it. I even used it yesterday when I went to Disneyland with Darshan and we didn’t even have Raj with us. This bag is great for mamas but also great for anyone without kids because it looks nothing like a typical diaper bag.


On a more personal level, what I love about Azaria is that it was created, designed, and is owned by a husband and wife duo. Mama Mckenna created the bag because she was struggling with the same thing I was as a new mom; finding something chic, beautiful, and functional to use for our little ones. I am all about supporting other mamas in business out there so once I found this out, I was an instant fan!

And now for the GOOD NEWS!!! I am so thrilled to share with all of you that one of my lucky readers and Instagram followers will have a chance to win an Azaria bag of their own!!!! The giveaway will begin this evening so make sure you follow my Instagram account @southcoaststyleoc and turn on notifications for when the giveaway goes live so you can enter to win!



Good luck to all of you, and make sure to check out the awesome selection of bags at Azaria, I promise you will love them as much as I do.



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  1. Catherine
    March 5, 2020 / 8:30 pm

    Hello! I was wondering how your bag held up, and if you remember what colour your ordered? It’s so pretty, but I’m in Canada and they won’t accept returns so I need to chose wisely. Thank you!!


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