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*gift box c/o Ecocentric Mom

As I shared with you last week, I love signing up for a good subscription box. It is the best way to explore new products and find out about some new items on the market; from beauty to fashion, and also now for pups and babies. This great box by Ecocentric Mom sends products for the health conscious mom, they send items from brands that are natural, pure, and safe for you and your little ones. Since health is my number one priority, and I love finding new all-natural products to try out, so I jumped on board to try the Mom & Baby Box. They also create boxes for just mama and also for the expecting mama, so if this is a treat you want to send to a friend, or just something you treat yourself with, you do not have to order the box with baby items!

Of course, every month the new box contains a variety of items, all different from the previous months. This month in the March box we got some super great items… BeginAgain ‘The Tumbler’ toy, which Raj has been obsessed with; a sample of BumBoosa Bamboo baby wipes, which contain aloe vera and calendula and chamomile so are super all natural (and smell great); socks by Organic Kid; Susan Brown’s Baby Botanical GeleeEverBamboo Mini Deodorizer + Dehumidifier which is incredible (and something I would not have found on my own), I have already stored at the bottom of Raj’s diaper genie and in my gym bag, I love these!! The box also came with Co-Pur Lavender Lime Hand Balm, and Nib More Cacao Nibs which you can see Raj nibbling on below. 

If you were to add the cost of each item individually and throw it into your Amazon cart, you would easily be spending more than $50, I can not believe this box is only $24.99!!

What are your thoughts on some of the subscription boxes I have been sharing? Have you tried any yourself yet? I would love to know!


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