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Easter Goods

This year for Easter I have been trying to think outside of the box when it comes to planning Rajan’s Easter basket. I feel like for the last two years it has felt so wasteful to buy baskets that I end up packing up and storing and piling on top of one another for the entire rest of the year. About half of the items I throw into the basket get tossed out and stuffed away when the day is done, and most of the candy gets hidden and/or eaten by Darshan and I, the last thing we need! I started browsing this week for some ideas of items to put in his basket and thats when I realized I didn’t even want to do a basket, it just feels so wasteful to buy yet another liner and/or basket, so I want to buy Easter items that we can get use out of. This year, in lieu of a basket, I have decided to go with a fun storage bin. This way, once Easter is over I can use it in Raj’s playroom or bedroom, or even our living room since they’re so cute, to store toys and help keep some home organization a little easier. I wanted to share some of the super cute bins I found here to give you some inspiration and to save you from purchasing yet another $5 basket that will be stuffed into storage the day after Easter. I also found some fun items to add to your kiddo’s basket that aren’t your typical items: items that encourage creativity, products that will continue to be useful, and mostly items that won’t just be wasteful fillers.

Fun bins:


What fun items are you putting in your kid’s baskets? I like to come up with themes, this year I am thinking ‘outdoor play’ but who knows, this could change about 5 times before April, hahaha!



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