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We recently took a trip to San Antonio, Texas, to visit some of Darshan’s family. During our visit we drove out to Austin, walked around the city, and ate from some of the best food trucks you could could imagine, we had such a great time!

Taking a trip with a little one, while fun and exciting, can also be quite challenging. From the travel, be it car rides or plane trips, to overnight stays in hotels and unfamiliar places to the altered sleep schedules and time zones, as a parent I feel like you always have to plan for the worst and hope for the best when the little ones are on board. Over the last two years and through a handful of trips with Rajan, Darshan and I have collected some baby gear that has made traveling with Rajan so much easier and made transitions to new places much smoother. Since the holidays are coming up, I know that means a lot of travel time and days spent out of town for so many families, so I wanted to share some of our favorite travel gear with you.

The Baby Cubby has become an excellent resource for me over the last few months and I have started purchasing all of my baby gear from their online store. I love stores and companies that carry the newest in high quality baby gear and that give a little bit of education on the products they sell as well. Even when ordering online, their staff is so helpful, and whether it be by email or over the phone, if you have specific questions about any of their products they are so kind and happy to lend some advice, tips, and detailed first-hand experienced information about all of their products. The only thing that I wish with Baby Cubby was that they had a store closer to me… although to be honest, I have become mainly an internet shopper anyways so I enjoy browsing their website just as much! I went through their website and hand picked some of my favorite baby gear that has been so helpful to our family when traveling. I have also linked all of the products below from the Baby Cubby site because ordering through them lets me know you will get the best service (keep in mind they price match, even on Amazon prices, which is almost NEVER the case with baby products, and they also offer free shipping on orders over $49)!


1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 

1. The DockATot has quickly become one of my favorite baby items in recent months. When at home, Rajan loves lounging on his and watching movies all snuggled in, or he plays on it in our bedroom in the morning while we are getting ready. It folds up and travels fairly easy which makes it nice when we are staying out of town because if you don’t have a crib for your little one to sleep in, the DockATot makes larger beds much more safe and comfortable for your little one to rest in.

2. Nuna is my all time favorite baby brand, we love their car seats, baby bouncers, and pretty much everything this brand comes out with. We have been really wanting one of their strollers and were so excited when we found this one on Baby Cubby. Even as one of the most budget-friendly strollers in their line, the Nuna Tavo stroller is so comfortable for Rajan with soft padding and a comfortable ride. It also folds easily and quickly and is durable enough to be tossed around which makes it our best friend during travel.

3. A large bag for lugging around all of the day’s necessities that is easy to carry and universal in style for mom AND dad to lug around is a MUST.

4. Traveling makes around the clock meals pretty difficult since most of the time you are eating out, we always make sure to carry snacks for Rajan to keep him busy while walking around, and to keep the grumpy and hungry baby at bay.

5. Car ride, plane ride, and any journey with the little one requires toys and entertainment that won’t get old in 5 seconds.

6. The 4Moms Playard makes for a great crib when traveling. It is definitely really difficult to carry this on a plane, but if your trip is a car ride or road trip away, you will want to add one of these to your luggage. What we love about the 4Moms Playard is that it is incredibly easy to set up and even easier to fold up and store away. You can do all of the folding with one hand, and it is durable and comfortable for your little one. We recently had to borrow a portable crib from a hotel and it took us 20 minutes to set it up, and in the end, it wasn’t in the greatest condition so Raj ended up sleeping in our bed anyways – FAIL.

7. If your little one has a pacifier, clipping them on can keep them safe from falls (plane seats and floors – yuck!), and they help keep them from getting lost. Once when my sister was a baby she lost her pacifier on a train while we were on vacation and the entire weekend she cried and cried for it, I remember being 9 years old and just wishing that pacifier would pop up again so she would stop! Another tip, these also are great for clipping on to teething toys when your little one is in the carrier or stroller so those don’t fall on the ground either!

8. ErgoBaby Adapt Carrier which has become my best friend all over again, because even at 2, Rajan loves to be carried and keeping this with us has saved so many meltdowns while out. On one of our long, touristy days in Texas, I would carried Rajan in the Ergo from time to time, it kept him from getting restless in the stroller and he would fall asleep almost every time and get in some great naps, investing in this was one of the best decisions we made!

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What are some of your best travel tips and favorite gear when taking your little ones on trips? I am always trying to find ways to make traveling with Rajan better and better so I love hearing other people’s suggestions.


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