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Popping bubbles

top c/o || skirt old, similar here || shoes || necklace sold out, similar here
How fun is this look?! Between the bubbly top and the flirty skirt, I felt so young and cool in this outfit. I feel like this look was a little ‘different’ for me, as I typically stick to more classic looks, but I have really been trying to get out of my comfort zone lately in life, so I thought I should do the same in clothing. Life is about taking risks, right? I have become such a creature of habit and routine, and while that isn’t a bad way to live life, its easy to forget to venture out of your bubble at times, you can forget how good that makes you feel. In life and in business, I have been trying to remind myself of those things. I am at such a crossroad in my life, a point where there is about to be so much change taking place, and while it is exciting, it is a bit nerve wracking.
I am a creative person by nature, I always have been, and I love how my mind works in interesting and random ways all the time. It is constantly racing and turning, and I always seem to be thinking of what I will be doing next, what I can create and build upon, and what new and exciting adventures I will take myself on… but honestly speaking, besides my blog, I have been at a bit of a standstill personally for the last year. D and I own a business, which we love, and I take great pride in that, but in the past that has always been more of his operation. I worked as a teacher/director at a preschool, and that was my thing. After having Raj I decided to pull the reigns on my career so that I could stay home with Rajan, and while I feel so blessed to have had these 21 months at home with him, my life has naturally become all about him. I take pride in that, but it can also become draining and there are days when the creativity flow just isn’t there because I am more consumed with feedings, nap time, play dates, swim class, etc. etc. etc. With that being said, and with where the last year has taken us, the ups and the downs, I decided a few months ago that I really wanted to put more focus into the businesses we own. Where as before I have alway taken a step back and let D manage everything, I feel full heartedly that I have something I can and want to contribute; and since this is the source of income that pays the bills and puts food on the table, what better business to dive into and help grow.
Of course, with the new adventure I am about to embark on as far as going back to ‘work’ that also means Raj will be starting preschool very soon. And while I have 100% trust that he will be loved on and taken care of by his teachers (since he will obviously be attending the preschool I used to work at) I am already getting a little sad about being away from him two days a week. I am also starting to think of ways to fill my days and my time with that little bit of freedom I haven’t felt in so long. While I will be managing and working at our business we own, I have already started to think of all of the other things I can do… thats where my creative jeans kick in and I feel like I want to create and do and be more, which leaves me with the contemplation and excitement of…
what will I do next…??
I can tell you this… I have already got about 2-3 solid ideas floating around. A few of which are incredibly new and would be a dream come true for me, and a couple down right terrifying. My husband and I made a pact, years ago, that no matter where life took us, we would do our best to take opportunities as they come, and when something is in front of us, we would fly with it. We have never wanted to be ‘no’ people, and with every life change, we promised to be fearless. When an opportunity approaches… never say no. And that is what I intend to stay true to, now and always.
So with that being said…here’s to being fearless!!
With love,

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