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Napa, Day 2

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Welcome to my tour of Day 2 in Napa… for our second day, we slowed things down a bit and went to some wineries with the most breathtaking views where we got to sit back, relax, and enjoy our last day in Wine Country. Each of us being moms of 1 year old boys, we took advantage of a full night’s rest and waking up without being climbed on like mountains; which left us feeling refreshed and ready for the new day. I will admit, I don’t think I have slept as many consecutive hours as I did that night, and it felt amazing! This trip was a huge part about the tour de wine, but also a much needed mommy break for each of us!
Our first stop on day two was at Sherwin Family Vineyards in St. Helena. All I can say is, goodness gracious, the beauty of this estate is breathtaking!! Surrounded by hundreds of trees, at the top of Spring Mountain and with a gorgeous tasting room overlooking the family’s private lake, I was blown away when we arrived. During our tasting, we tried a great selection from whites to reds and learned about the Sherwin Family history. They are the only wine/alcohol makers to have the Amercian Flag on alcohol bottles, and what makes that even more great is that this came about by a charity donation for a 9/11 fundraiser from the Sherwin family. The wine tasting matched the estate’s beauty, and I loved every wine I had; the Chardonnay and reds were especially a favorite of mine. Not only are their wines great, but the bottles are such a wonderful collector’s item, and their wine glasses that share a matching American flag logo are a great item to splurge on as well.


After our morning tour of the Sherwin Family Vineyard, we took a stop at Charles Krug. This had been one of the ‘bigger’ estates we visited, as we had spent more time at smaller family owned and operated vineyards, but it was a great experience to visit this one. Because it was a Saturday, they had a really fun brick oven company there making pizza lunch for visitors which paired so wonderfully with their tasting. They have the most gorgeous barrel room and although we didn’t take a tour of it this time, my friend Bri (Bri’s Glass of Wine) has been in before and shared how wonderful it is.
One of my absolute favorite places on the trip, Tamber Bey Vineyeards. From the horses, to the beautiful outdoor tasting lounges within the stables, and the fantastic cookie pairing, it is no wonder this vineyard left a lasting impression on me. It was so cool to do a tasting with a cookie pairing, especially since these weren’t just any regular cookies. From spicy, salty to sweet and tangy, the cookies were such a wonderful compliment to each of the wines we tasted.
My favorite: 2013 Merlot




Of course, we were starving at this point, and were on our way to dinner but had to pull over and take a stop to check out Castello di Amorosa. This beautiful castle built atop a mountain of vineyards feels as real as the ancient castles in Europe. We didn’t do a full tasting here, but we did take some time to enjoy a walk around the castle and I have already promised myself a full tasting on my next trip to Napa. This is a place I would want to spend more than a few hours at, and I noticed on their website that they offer a cheese and wine tasting, just the thought of that already has me salivating!



As mentioned in my post from last week, here, my girlfriends who I took the trip with had us all lined up with the best wine tastings and restaurants to try. My friend Janell is an expert foodie and she was dying to have dinner at The Culinary Institute of America, so we made sure to make reservations there on our last night in town. The food was as wonderful as you would imagine, and we ordered just about one of everything on the menu for the day and shared it. We completely indulged and I have to say it was worth every calorie. Nice dinners and expensive meals are a treat for me since I don’t indulge too often in them, so I truly treasured every bite. It was great to enjoy the food cooked by the best future chefs of America and I would highly recommend anyone who visits Napa to make this a stop!
I can’t tell you enough how much fun I had on this trip, and how much it meant for me to get some much needed alone time with my girlfriends. Going with other moms made the trip a little more guilt-free, and it was nice to have them to lean on when I was starting to miss my guys back home, especially knowing they were feeling the same way. We did a pretty good job not mourning in the sadness of missing our boys, but it was fun to share videos and pictures we were each getting of our little guys while we were away.
I have to give a huge shout out to Janell, J. Aitken Photo for snapping all of the pictures from the trip, most of the images above were snapped by her and I can’t say enough how much I love and appreciate her artistic eye.
Thanks so much to Bri, of Bri’s Glass of Wine, for being such a great tour guide. As I mentioned last week, if you are wanting to get more thorough details of each of the places we visited, check our her new blog… I am completely addicted and love checking in daily to see what new tips she is sharing, definitely follow her along on her wine journey!
Hope you have enjoyed this virtual wine tour with me, I had the most lovely time and can’t wait to go back again soon with D!!
With love,


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