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  • New changes for South Coast Style…

    New changes for South Coast Style…


    Hi friends!! It has been quite some time since I have updated you via the blog and I thought it was time to dust my little babe of a website off because I have some exciting changes taking place with South Coast Style, and I have been dying to share the news with you! 


    So as you guys know, I launched my blog, originally South Coast Movement, at the end of 2013 and went head first in 2014 sharing everything I loved and everything I was up to on here. A few months after launch I found out I was pregnant and happily shared my journey through pregnancy, early stages of motherhood, and eventually before I knew it, my little hobby turned into a fully operating business. Making this a full time job was never something I imagined to happen, I was a preschool teacher and director and honestly just started a blog because I was craving having a space to share my outfits, love of fashion and travel, and to get my adult creative juices flowing since most of my day was spent reciting the alphabet with 4 years olds and finger painting (that I was ever complaining about the gig, BEST years of my life). After having Raj, I decided it was time to retire from my job at the preschool after 10 years in the preschool industry; it was such a difficult decision but I knew that for my son and our family, this was going to be the best choice. I had my first job when I was 16, and I knew myself and knew that if I didn’t find something to put some personal energy into, staying at home would drive me absolutely crazy. I needed something flexible so I could be home full time with Raj since Darshan was practically working two full time jobs starting up our other company, but I knew I had to find something to help keep me feeling like myself, something that felt like mine that I could be proud of. That is the point I started putting real and honest energy into my blog full time. Routine blog posts, building my social media pages, attending weekly events to network, I did all of this pretty much for free just to keep myself sane for a solid two years while being a stay at home mama, and I loved every minute of it. 


    Finally around 2017 I realized how much time was being put into my blog. So many of my peers around me were running their blog as a full time business and making an income doing so, and I thought to myself, ‘why have I not been doing that?’ I was making money purely from posting affiliate links on here, and it was fun, but I knew if I wanted to make this a respected business, I had to learn the ins and outs of business and managing the operations full time. I will be completely honest, even with the encouragement of Darshan, I still didn’t feel I had what it took but I knew if I didn’t start taking opportunities as they were in front of me, I would be missing out on an incredible opportunity to build something that was mine, something I could be proud of. 


    A few months after I started learning how to monetize my blog, and was in the process of creating this as a business model I could maintain while still keeping control of my integrity and authentic voice here, what I shared, and producing high quality content, I decided I wanted to learn more about this industry so purchased tickets to a huge Social Media conference, Altitude Summit. I was sold when I found out this wasn’t necessarily ‘for bloggers’ but for any woman who was creating and building her business and wanting to maintain and share all of her creative dreams. Basically, women just like me. I was still in so much newness, learning how to build and manage a business in an industry I knew nothing about, teaching myself how to contract deals, read legal contracts, negotiate fees and rates… from preschool teacher to CEO of a business in a growing industry working with brands I had dreamed of shopping at since childhood – the words daunting and terrifying do not even do justice to how I felt in those early days. I felt SO out of my element, I knew the education and state laws of managing children and classrooms, but don’t even dare ask me to create spreadsheets on blog analytics and conversion rates. Altitude Summit was exactly what I needed. 


    My first year at Alt. Summit was incredible. I had been running my blog as a business for a year and I was proud of the content I was creating and the few deals I had landed at that point, but still I knew I was missing so many opportunities simply because of the things I didn’t know how to do. While attending Altitude Summit I met my dear friend, Hannah of Mad Rad Media, and immediately I knew she was everything I aspired to be. She knew this industry like no one else and it blew my mind hearing her spout out operations and how she managed her media consulting business, she also has the sweetest blog, Ruby Makes Three, and her content was so beautiful and relatable. I was so inspired by her and knew she was someone who I wanted to stay connected with. 


    After Altitude Summit I can say without doubt is when my business went from standard to incredible. I had learned so much at the conference and came home and really started putting it all into my business, and results were showing for themself after just a few months. My inbox was growing by the day, my brand collaborations were at an all time high, and I was proud and working my ass off and it was showing… the only problem, there was only one of me, and I realized after some time that it just wasn’t enough. There weren’t enough hours in the day, enough help at home, I was still mother and wife, daughter, sister, cousin, but now also full time photographer, photo editor, content creator, writer, lawyer, PR/Marketing manager, and most importantly the face of it all – of my entire business. There just wasn’t enough of me to pull in any other direction and although I was growing and at the greatest high in my business, personally I was feeling like a failure. Over time, I could see and feel my creative content suffering, emails were being responded to days later, my house felt like it was in chaos, and one day I sat and cried wondering if I had made the biggest mistake in building this business. It made me so proud, but also made me so crazy. I felt like such a failure and I wondered if from the beginning, I just wasn’t cut out to keep up with it all – I saw so many of my peers and other influencers online who seemingly did it all, why couldn’t I keep up?


    Between family obligations and growing in my business, I decided to slow things down a bit on the business front early this year. I started declining deals and collaborations more than I was saying yes, I slowed down blog and social posts, and I took time to reflect and decide what I wanted to do with this space, and truly started searching for the parts of it that brought me joy again. Around this time, I was preparing to attend my second year of Altitude Summit and was approached by my friend Hannah whom I had met and stayed in touch with from the to speak on a live panel with her. Even though I was in a space of not knowing exactly where I was headed with my business, I knew from the previous year at Alt. that when an opportunity presents itself, you just take it and roll with it because sometimes the greatest changes happen when you go in open to learn and grow and push yourself. The previous year had catapulted my career, who knew what this year could bring. Through preparing for our presentation, I was able to spend professional and personal time talking, texting, and working with Hannah and her and I vibed so well. It was incredible to see her business growth over the last year, her client book was growing and in addition to creating our presentation, we even had the opportunity to work on a campaign together for one of her clients. I admired how effective but relatable she was, I was in a growing but drowning state, and I knew I just knew it was finally time to come to her for advice and maybe some hopes of joining forces: something I had dreamed about since meeting her in 2018. 


    After spending some time with Hannah at Alt. Summit 2019, having so many discussions and meetings about the potential of what I could do if I would let go of control and outsource my business, I came home from Palm Springs and immediately had a serious discussion with Darshan of next steps I needed to take for my business. I knew in my heart that tabling this beautiful community I had spent 5 years growing wasn’t the answer, I needed to figure out a way to take some of the pressure off the side of the business I didn’t love and that weighed me down and kept me from creating the content I was proud of, and suddenly the answer became clear…


    The big news?? 

    YOU GUYS! I have a management team!!! 


    All of this post to announce that I am now officially part of the Mad Rad Media family and I couldn’t be more proud to share this with you. One of the most difficult decisions I had to make was expanding my team as I never wanted to feel or give the impression that I was just here for monetary reasons or that I was ‘selling out’ but the truth is, I learned that if I want to continue to create and share content that I am proud of and grow this space into what its worth, I have to learn to ask for help where and when I need it. You guys, I spent the last two years putting so much more energy into the part of this business that drained me the most, and I had to just sit back and ask myself, WHY? I love this space and I was beginning to resent it, that is not why I started this all. I stared this to connect with people, to share my story in hopes of inspiring or helping others, and to have a place to be me and share what I love. I think one of the biggest lessons I have learned this year: do what you are great at and its ok to ask for help in areas that are not your strength. Ultimately, that is why I made this decision for my business, and since signing with Hannah in June, I don’t think I have been more exciting to get this back on track than ever! 


    So why am I sharing this here? Well you guys know I come from a place of full transparency. For years I looked at other bloggers and friends in this industry just comparing myself to their success in both business and personal life, and I always felt like such a loser. How come I couldn’t keep up? Why couldn’t I DO IT ALL like they seemingly were and I learned over time, wait a minute… they aren’t! They have managers, assistants, photographers on staff, etc. No wonder I was falling behind and in the process making myself feel like shit. HOW COULD ANY ONE PERSON DO IT ALL? I realize this isn’t something many of my peers like to share, and I just don’t see why it isn’t something to be proud of. Also, I never want to make anyone else feel how I have the last two years: like I wasn’t enough. What I have learned is that asking for help when I need it is one of the strongest things we can do as humans, on all fronts. 


    From here on out, I am so excited to share with you all where this new journey of my business takes me. We already have some incredible content coming your way, I am so stoked to gain control of my focus here and begin to share content that makes me proud. My hope is that over the next few months you will all be part of this growth process with me! 


    I recently did an interview with Hannah on her Mad Rad Media blog about my decision to join her team, and I wanted to share that all with you. 

    Read the interview here, and let me know what you think!! 


    Thank you all for being here, for trusting me, and for helping me to continue to follow my dreams and goals, I truly wouldn’t be here without the support from all of YOU!! 


    Eternally grateful. 




  • How my blog is saving me…

    How my blog is saving me…

    When I first started this blog, I created it for myself so I could have a place to share a life journal with all of mine and Darshan’s family who didn’t live near us. We were just starting our life out together, living in a new city, traveling a ton, and laying our foundation for the future. It became a place where I connected with people I knew and eventually with people I didn’t know. I remained honest and diligent in always sharing my truth, which was sometimes difficult and scary but all together liberating and healing. Somewhere along the journey, using this space as a personal journal got lost. It turned into a business and while I remain proud proud of my journey and my work, what I realized is that I lost my space of connecting with people. I lost the freedom to share my raw and true self, and in a sense I lost my voice. I used to do this weekly entry every Monday called “Weekend Roundup” where I would share what adventures we had over the weekend, some big and sometimes none at all, but I would also take a bit of time to reflect on what the previous week had looked like and what I was looking forward to in the new week. I often shared more personal family photos, more raw and unposed iPhone favorites from the week, I wanted it to be a place where we could look back at over the years and always have memories to reflect on. It was also my way of taking a break from fashion posts and really connecting with my readers, it was the one post a week where I felt like I was just being ‘me’ and I think sometimes seeing the regular-ness allowed for people to see that I was more than my regular “ootd” or sale posts from the gram.

    As I was getting ready for bed last night and reflecting on the week/weekend a flood of emotions and thoughts hit me and out of no where I had this calling to write it down somewhere. It didn’t feel like anything I could text or communicate to just one person, it was too ‘big’ for social media, and I realized that this was something I needed to journal. Right now I have so many thoughts running through my head, I don’t quite know how to sort them but one thing I know about myself is that I often find healing in two ways: writing and connecting with others.The truth is I have such a hard time connecting with people through personal dialogue, the introvert in me doesn’t always have the words when someone is sitting next to me, but give me a keypad and screen and out pour the feelings and emotions; that is why having this blog as a place to share was so important to me when I began this journey. That is why I think that even after taking some time away from it, I realized last night that it was time to reconnect. I need to get these thoughts out, I need to find my voice, my feelings need to be released, and these emotions need some taming, and now more than ever I need to feel a connection to others.

    This last week has been one of the most difficult of my entire life. I lost one of my best friends, someone who I have known and looked up to my entire life, someone who has been a pillar in my world since as early as I can remember. It hasn’t felt right telling people over the last few days that my ‘cousin Lina’ passed away, she was just so so much more to me than that. Like we often said, we were cousin by labels and family tree diagrams, but in our hearts and soul, we were sisters… which is why for as long as I can remember, we called each other ‘cousin-sister.’ In our family we don’t look at cousins as some distant relative we see at holidays. We spent every evening at either Grandma’s house, her house, my house, one of our aunt’s houses, weekends were for the family, aunts are second moms, and cousins are brothers and sisters. She was my sister. IS my sister. To process the idea that she is gone, that a piece of my childhood, of my life, is gone just doesn’t feel real. There is sadness, a hole in my heart, and also something about losing someone so close in age to you, a peer, that brings a sense of guilt… why her and not me; its been a lot to wrap my heat around. Between my older brother, myself, my cousin Lina and her sister Sabrina, the 4 of use grew up all born one year after the other and very close. We were like this perfect quad, the only grandchildren in the family for 8 years so every life experience we lived together. We made a perfect square, all such drastically different personalities yet somehow so perfect together. I am sure us 3 girls drove my/our older brother crazy with him being the oldest and only boy looking out for us girls, but together we just fit so perfect. I think that is what hurts the most, knowing our foursome is no longer. Of course when I turned 8 we welcomed my little sister, another cousin to add to the mix, and eventually a lot more cousins following her making our bunch almost quadruple within years… but us 4 oldest still joked and loved to remind the younger group that we were the original 4. It was such a special bond we shared, something we held so proud, something that felt so perfect. We were connected, always. From childhood through adulthood, we never wavered in our loyalty to one another. You can not complete a square without all 4 corners, and that is truly how I feel right now in losing Lina… just so incomplete. So open. A corner chipped. In a way it still doesn’t feel real.

    I don’t quite know what this week has in store. On a social note it is quiet, I knew better than to commit myself to anything too big for the next few weeks. I tend to be the kind of person who needs personal space and the best part about being an adult is knowing these things about yourself. I am allowing myself that, but also taking it day by day and welcoming the moments where I feel motivated to make a plan for the day. I feel like everyday since this immense pain began when/if I got out of the house, the plans to do so were literally made the hour prior. That somehow has been healing, so out of the norm for myself, but liberating. My life mission at the moment is to be there as much as I can for my family. In our family, because of how close we are, we don’t mourn alone. We support, we rally, and we show up for one another. While I shared in my previous paragraph that in my world I feel like a piece of my quad is missing, I know that right now my cousin Sabrina is feeling like half of her is missing. Sabrina is Lina’s sister and towards the end of Lina’s battle became her primary caregiver. Growing up the two of them were literally two peas in a pod, you didn’t get one without the other, polar opposites and perfectly whole. You couldn’t say Sabrina without also saying Lina, they were a pair. I was just the little cousin they lovingly referred to as their little sister, but they were the real sisters. I won’t sit here and pretend to know Sabrina’s pain right now, but I know that it is my duty as the next in kin to be here for her, to look out for her, and I proudly accept that. Her story isn’t mine to tell, but my love for both runs so deep that this is my pledge to take care of my cousin/sister as much as I can right now and forever. So I guess when I think about my ‘plans’ for the week it is to take care of my family, keep my house operating, and take it day by day.

    Regarding my blog and the content shared here and on my social media accounts I don’t quite have a plan yet there either. I took some much needed time away this week, but the scary thing about ghosting the world is that as an introvert you also ghost yourself, and when left to sit with your thoughts for too long, your heart can get pretty heavy. As a creative, I need an outlet. A place to share, connect, and a distraction from my sadness. Same as with my daily life, I plan to take it one day at a time. If I am inspired I’ll post, if I need a day to connect with myself I won’t. I guess its pretty simple when put like that. It could be superficial like a recent H&M purchase, or a deeper heartfelt message, I am not sure and I am sure it will be all over the place for a bit, but who else would I be if I wasn’t just me. Who knows, maybe by next week I will bring back these journal style posts and maybe even a ‘Weekend Roundup’ or two this month 😉

    Thoughts I hope to take into the week: patience for those who don’t understand the pain, grace for myself as I try to manage the emotions, and courage as I put my brave face forward to be a support for my family who is hurting so badly right now. Lina was so special to so many, she impacted people in such a strong way, and the world is just a little more dim without her in it, I won’t pretend otherwise.

    I want to make her proud above all else.


    I love and miss you, cousin/sister



    This week’s roundup & moments I don’t want to forget:


    Easter with my family


    Spring breaking in the backyard


    His favorite activity: making snail friends


    a messy house and a Hot Wheel happy boy


    First game of Coach Pitch with Rajan up to bat!!


    …more snail finds on our scooter ride


    Falling asleep with a hand in the snack bowl and Whales on the iPad


  • SHOP: Spring Break Edit

    SHOP: Spring Break Edit

    The pieces you will be seeing all season and everything you need for Spring Break, Summer vacations, and the warmer weather ahead.

  • Nordstrom Giveaway

    Nordstrom Giveaway

    $750 Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway

    It’s officially Spring and time to treat yourself to some shopping!
    I’ve teamed up with a group of bloggers to give you
    a chance to win a $750 Nordstrom Gift Card!

    To enter: complete the steps in the rafflecopter below. The more steps you complete,
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    This giveaway runs until Tuesday, April 9th at 12am PST

    Winner will be announced here. Good Luck!
    *this giveaway is in no way sponsored by Nordstrom.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Noémie + Life update

    Noémie + Life update

    Earrings // Sweater // Denim // Sandals by Hermès // Hat // Sunglasses 

    It has definitely been a hot minute since I have updated anything here so here I am, back to say HELLO!! Also, I really wanted to share these stunning earrings with you that I haven’t take off once since receiving, and since I have a discount code I wanted create a place for you to be able to find it easily!! Also, life update below. 

    Shop these gorgeous earrings and tons of other pieces by clicking here

    for $50 off use code SCSTYLEOC50

    Life has been crazy busy but also super exciting as of late. D is working as hard as ever as it is our business’ busiest time of year (tax season) so Raj and I have been holding down the fort here at home. Raj is still loving his new school and while I still always feel like the mama who is trying to keep up with all of the classroom checklists and calendar of school functions, I will say we are getting better by the week at being full time school parents and we haven’t driven the teachers too crazy yet (although I will fully admit that we didn’t know last Friday was pajama day so we were totally those parents that rushed home after drop off and went back and changed Raj mid morning in class, oops). You win some, you lose some, right? Being a former preschool teacher myself, I totally remember those parents and wanting to give them a hug in those situations, I know it always kills mom and dad more than the kiddos and more often than not, the kids don’t even realize their parents goofed up. I try to remind myself of all of the preschool teacher advice I gave to my student’s parents back in the day… just. breathe. Other than forgetting the silly things, I would say we are hanging in there. I miss Raj so much while he is at school, this whole 5 days per week thing is taking some getting used to and I am already plotting to cut some days for summer. D and I actually decided that this summer we will prob only do 2-3 days per week of school, time flies and before we start Kinder, I just want as much time as possible with my boy. 

    House plans are coming along slowly but surely. We are still in the process of decorating our home, I get so many hilarious comments from Instagram about our empty formal living room when I post mirror selfies. Yes, I know we need a rug. I know we need a couch. Heck, we need literally everything from top to bottom… but you know what? We will get there. We have been trying to focus on one room at a time starting with smaller to bigger projects and the most used rooms. We finished our nook right before the New Year and are so in love with that little space. Currently we are in the process of selling our master bedroom furniture and have new pieces coming this week and next month (our dressers were backordered until April), so I am BEYONDDD stoked for that! We loved our master bedroom furniture from our old house but unfortunately it just didn’t work in this house. In our old master bedroom we had massive walls and hardly any windows so we opted for large statement furniture pieces, when we moved into this house while we still have the same amount of space in the room, we have mostly windows so we lost a ton of wall space and needless to say our furniture just does not fit now. We are focused on making our room our sanctuary so before we started any other project, that quickly became priority. Up next: formal living room (so no more empty room mirror selfies) and then office… send help! Hahaha. Truly I LOVE decorating, the problem is I am soooo picky and so is D so it always takes us a few weeks to plan out a room and agree on decor. We like to shop multiple furniture stores, play around with different pieces and build on a vibe we want, if we don’t love something we won’t purchase it, so sometimes it takes a bit to find items we love. Its a marathon, not a race. 

    Besides continuing our busy/hectic schedule, we have a ton of fun stuff happening this month. D and I are the proud coaches of Raj’s tee ball team this season and already having so much fun sharing this experience as a family, every Saturday morning until May are now baseball mornings, I will be attending and speaking at Altitude Summit at the end of this month and I am so stoked about that, my dad turns 60 this week (whoa) so my siblings and I are hosting a party for him this month, we are celebrating friend’s birthdays, some family birthdays, and I have some fun content coming out this month. It is a busy one!


    Exciting announcement:

    this month I am doing a giveaway over on Instagram for all of my readers!! I am personally giving away a $150 gift card to NORDSTROM for one of you as a thank you for being so loyal to me over the years. Can you believe I have officially been blogging for 5 years? This month is my 5 year blogiversary! To enter the giveaway all you have to do is like and comment on all of my Instagram feed posts for the month of March. I will pick one random comment and verify that you have liked/commented on all of my photos and the winner will be announced the first week of April!! Feel free to share this with your friends if you think they will love my content and love a chance to win a gift card from me. Good luck, I can’t wait to see which loyal reader wins!! 


    Hope you all have the best month ever. Please stop by throughout the month to see what we are up to over here on SCS, don’t forget to comment below and say hello!! I am stoked to start making this your top destination space on the net again. Love you all!


  • Newport Beach // Fashion Island

    Newport Beach // Fashion Island

    Last weekend the boys and I were invited to a weekend stay at Fashion Island Hotel in Newport Beach, and with as crazy and hectic as its been for our family the last few weeks, I jumped at the opportunity for a little getaway. Even though we live just 20 miles South of Newport, living here you start to grow complacent of the amazing things Orange County has to offer and sometimes its great to pretend to be on vacation even in the cities you live in. Newport is one my favorite little towns because its quant and beautiful but there are so many great restaurants and shops that there is so much do in a weekend, and its perfect for family entertainment! The best surprise of the weekend was being invited to treat Raj to Breakfast with Santa on Sunday morning during our stay at the hotel, this ended up being the highlight of our entire month, I can’t say enough how special this experience was.

    Because Raj knew that we were visiting the hotel to have breakfast with Santa, it somehow got into his head that the hotel was also where Santa goes to vacation. At first we thought it was hilarious, but walking into the hotel and seeing their décor, from the beautiful Christmas tree at the entrance to the sweetest little gingerbread cookie village in the lobby, it was soooo easy to make Raj’s idea feel like reality. The receptionist greeted him with the sweetest dolphin stuffed animal, and boom, he thought he had just received “the first gift of Christmas” – MAGIC!!

    Once we made it up to our beautiful room and took a little tour around, we knew we wanted to continue the fun of pretending this is where Santa stays, so we decided to show Raj how Santa lives it up on vacation and instead of leaving the room for dinner, we decided to stay in and order room service. I loooove eating at all of the great restaurants in Newport, but since we wanted to make the night extra special we decided to save those for another night (I made a list of my favorites below) and we watched Christmas movies in our PJ’s while eating dinner. We loved that we could stream movies straight from our phones to the TVs in the room, it really was the perfect night!

    We absolutely loved the room amenities. From the huge vanity, separate from the bathroom which is soooo important when multiple people are getting ready, to the huge bath tub and shower… us U’s were very very comfortable!

    Breakfast with Santa was everything you could have ever dreamed of for your children. Santa was one of the most engaged, sweetest, jolliest Santas I have ever met and Raj was smitten with him. Because the event was a little more personal the kids all had so much time to talk with Santa, bring him letters and cookies, and Santa even read them a story! I don’t think I could explain how magical it is to see your children light up over such a great experience; Raj hasn’t stopped talking about it and tells me daily that he misses Santa!! I think it is something he and we will remember forever.

    Fashion Island is hosting one more weekend of Breakfast with Santa this Sunday and trust me when I say if you’re in town stop everything and take your kids, it will be the highlight of the season, I promise!!

    Get your tickets here

    If you are thinking about taking a vacation to Newport I wanted to make a quick travel list for you. Whether you are from out of state, out of town, or a local like us, it’s always nice to plan a relaxing getaway in this beautiful city. From the beaches to shopping and restaurants, its a fun place to visit with so much to do!


    Fashion Island Hotel – the hotel offers seasonal experiences all year long. If you are coming around holiday time check their site to see what experiences they have to offer, from movies over the pool in summer to Christmas activities in the winter, there is always something happening at the hotel!

    Fashion Island mall – located just across the street from the hotel, there are so many great stores and shops (my favs are Nordstrom and Anthropologie)

    Beaches – from Crystal Cove to Newport Beach, these are some of California’s most popular and beautiful beaches

    Balboa Island – if you have never taken an afternoon to walk around this little spot you are missing out. It has that entire old town beach vibe and there are shops and places to eat and the scenery is gorgeous (make sure browse some of the beautiful homes in the neighborhood as well)

    Lido Marina Village – the prettiest strip of shops you will ever see! Such a classic beach town vibe with sooo many photo opportunities that you’ll make every Insta star jealous!


    My personal favorites: Fig & Olive, El Cholo, CUCINA enotecha

    Have you ever visited Newport? I know all of my locals have but I would love to hear from those of you who aren’t from California. Locals, what are some of your favorite spots?


    Thank you so so much to the Fashion Island Hotel and all of your incredible staff. You really helped make this holiday season extra special for my family and I could never thank you enough for creating such an incredible experience that Raj will remember for the rest of his life!


  • Christmas & last minute grabs

    Christmas & last minute grabs

    There are so many sales that popped up today that I had to share some here for all of you. A ton of my recent purchases from black friday and over the last few weeks have restocked and are on sale again (amazing!) and they’re all just too great not to alert the media. This red cardigan sweater I wore over the weekend for Breakfast with Santa at the Fashion Island Hotel is on sale for $40, the denim I am wearing are now $70, and these booties which I have lived in since October are now $105 which is the lowest price I have seen them at! 


    I plan to do a try on session today on Instagram stories, and if you saw my Gift Guides that went live I plan to show some of items I personally own from the guides, but for now you can shop the items from the sale below. Also below is a cheat sheet of some of my favorite stores that have sales going on, most offering shipping dates for items to arrive before Christmas,so act fast because the cut off for most stores for shipping delivery before 12/24 is December 18!! 






    LOFT 50% off using code MERRY

    GAP 50% off and extra 20% off online using code GIFTS

    Old Navy  25% off everything

    Anthropologie 30% off everything

    Target $25 off when you spend $100 toys

    Ulta up to 50% off gift sets


    Happy Holiday shopping!! 

  • Gift guide: for the Littles

    Gift guide: for the Littles

    For my Kids Guide I wanted to select items that are special, unique, engaging, and more than just a piece of plastic that will be donated or sold in a yard sale in just a few months. When it comes to buying for Raj lately, we are really trying to practice buying quality or quantity and teaching him to take care of and learn about something while simultaneously playing. I love when he is playing with toys that are something he can take interest and hobby in and learn about: ocean animals, dinosaurs, etc. and its important to me that he not only is engaged but that he can develop an interest in something through play. Gifts for little kids don’t have to be expensive, but they should represent something or have use, I truly believe that as both a mom and an educator. All of the items I shared here are gifts that will hold meaning for years or serve a purpose and I really took the time to find items for this guide that I know Raj has and gets great play and use of already! These items are guaranteed wins and any kid would be lucky to receive them and any parent would appreciate the thought placed in your purchase. 


    one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

    *Exciting news*

    Some of the shops I shared above have shared a special coupon code for my readers!!

    Bitty Brah use code amanda25 for 25% off

    Jai Jai Hooray use code AMANDALOVE for 15% off

    Petit Collage use code SOUTHCOASTSTYLE for 15% off

  • Gift Guide: for Her

    Gift Guide: for Her

    We are so close to Christmas and nearing the end of the safe zone of placing online orders to have our Christmas gifts here in time so I wanted to share some quick and easy guides for all of you who are scrambling at the last minute to purchase gifts for those you love! Although I know and firmly believe the season is not about presents, it is still so fun and exciting to find and buy the perfect gift for those we love just to see the smiles and excitement on their faces. Buying a meaningful gift shows thought, love, and acknowledgement that you took the time to think about that person and that makes anyone feel special. I LOVE shopping for others wayyyyy more than I love shopping for myself, so gift buying is my JAMMM. 

    This guide is for that special lady in your life. The girl who you imagine to have everything which now makes you feel stuck on what to buy for her. She is special, unique, but cares about how she takes care of herself and you want to buy something extra special for her. Be it a girlfriend, your mom, your wife, best friend… with these gifts you don’t need to know her size or personal preference because mark my words when I say anyyyyyy girl would love ALL of these items! Most of these items I own and if I don’t already own them, they’re on my personal list so trust me when I say I wouldn’t share something that isn’t worth every penny. 

    Click the numbers under the photo to shop these items!


    one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten


  • Gift Guide: gifts under $50

    Gift Guide: gifts under $50

    These items make perfect stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, gift exchanges with the girlfriends or co-workers… basically anyone who you want to buy something special for but have to stick to a budget on. We can all use some of these items and what makes them even more amazing is they won’t break the bank but are a little more personal than a gift card! 


    one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

  • Black Friday 2018

    Black Friday 2018



    up to 60% off select items 



    BOGO 50% off Toys, $10 Pajamas, steal deals on appliances (my favorite InstantPot included)



    50% off purchase using code FRIYAY



    30% off everything



    40% off everything using code INDIGO



    24% off using code FRIDAY18


    King of Christmas

    Christmas trees under $100


    50% off entire purchase


    Pottery Barn

    25% off entire site


    Pottery Barn Kids 

    25% off entire site using code GIFT25



    25% off entire site 



    50% off entire site


    Old Navy


    7 for all Mankind

    40% off entire site using code BLACK40



    up to 30% off select brands using code FRIDAY



    $15 & under Black Friday deals



    Patagonia up to 30% off, North Face up to 25% off


    Barnes & Noble

    20% off $40 or more using code BLKFRIDAY



    Items as low as $10


    Free People

    50% off select items


    Serena & Lily

    20% off everything using code GATHER


    Petit Collage

    25% off entire site using code WONDER


    Charlotte Tilbury

    30-50% off select gift sets



    $20 off orders of $125 or more, $30 off $150 or more, $50 off $200 or more


    60% off select brands and styles



    up to 25% off full price items and 75% off sale items


    Feather for Arrow

    40% off

  • New look, New Me!

    New look, New Me!

    This post is sponsored by Zenni Optical

    So here is a fun life update for you: I now wear glasses!

    Like, not just the cool hip sunnies anymore, buuuut full on ‘prescription glasses because my vision is no longer perfect like it was in my youth’ glasses. I haven’t had my vision checked in about 5 years (I know I was already lectured by my doctor), but since the migraines have increased and I have felt my eyes straining recently, I figured it was time to get myself checked out. As luck would have it, you are looking at her, the new me aka ‘Mrs. Wear Glasses when reading, doing computer work, driving at night, using my phone, #30something.’ I am pretty much using glasses now for almost 90% of my day!

    Once I learned of this new life changing update I knew I couldn’t wear just any old glasses. I wasn’t just going to walk out of the eye doctor with the basic frames and have no fun at all shopping for my new accessory; I mean, shopping was pretty in much my prescription from my doctor! Why would I miss that opportunity?! Just as fate would have it, my friends at Zenni Optical recently contacted me and since I had recalled looking at the email and thinking, “nope not me this time!” I realized I had to swallow my denial and search for the pushed aside response to them. Meaning, “why yes I am losing my vision now, wanna help me look cool?” And guess what? That is exactly what Zenni did!

    Shopping for my glasses was incredibly easy. Their site is so easy to navigate and while the options are endless they make narrowing down your selection incredibly fun. You can shop by face shape, eyeglass style, trends, seasons, and once you narrow down your selection they have this really cool option to upload a photo of yourself and virtually try your glasses on. I had wayyyyyy too much fun with that, haha! I knew I wanted something traditional but then also a pair that was more ‘fun’ and since the prices are really affordable (they were triple the price at my eye doctor’s office) I went for one of each style. I have a bigger and round face so I know bigger frames compliment me, but I wanted something girly and subtle as well and I was so pleased with my selection. It was easy of filling in my prescription numbers, and once they got here I was excited with how they both looked on me – exactly like they did in the photo I uploaded… I actually kind of, sort of, LOVE them!

    I have linked both of my style glasses here and here (I am wearing Cat-Eye Glasses 4411525 and the second pair are Cat-Eye Glasses 4412615). I love the tortoise style that I am wearing in these photos because I love the dramatic yet vintage and classic look of them. They make such a fun statement and love how they add character to my face. The lighter nude pair are so pretty and they will be the pair I keep in my car, they are not overbearing so I think I will feel confident wearing them when driving!

    Since I am not quite to the contact stage of wearing glasses yet I am having fun adding these new statement pieces to my daily routine. With the price being so great I think I will be ordering a few more pairs to keep around the house and on nightstands and in my handbags and workbags… basically you can officially say I am turning into my mother 😉




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