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Gift Guides: For Littles


1. Doorway puppet theater

2. Interactive job chart

3. Colored bath salts

4. Eco dough

5. Slime case

6. Hopscotch rug

7. Treehouse play set

8. Magic tracks

9. Hoverboard

10. Magna-tiles

11. MorfBoard

12. Mini Scooter

13. Kids smartwatch

14. Table top easel

15. Cafe playhouse


This was my favorite list to create because I was basically just doing my Christmas shopping for Raj along the way. Being the mama to a 5 year old little boy, Auntie A to my 7 year old niece, and being a former preschool teacher I always feel like the age 10 and under guide I kinda sorta rock at. I steered clear of electronics (except for the smart watch which tracks your child’s location that only you and approved adults get access to and has two way communication – my cousin of an 8 & 6 year old SWEARS by this watch), all of these are gifts that will keep you little ones engaged, busy, and will promote creativity and imagination: the things I love most in watching children play! And also, if your kids haven’t jumped on the magna-tile train yet GET THEM STAT, they are seriously legitttt.





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