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Halloween with the U Crew

I was recently gifted some of the most beautiful pieces from the MacKenzie-Childs Fall Collection and I don’t think I have ever been more starstruck to work with a brand ever. I remember browsing the collection every season wishing that one day I would be able to splash my future home with some of the decor items in the future. I am still not too sure how I got so lucky to be given this opportunity but if there is anything you can be sure of it is that I am beyond grateful for these gifts from their team! 

When the box of decor landed on my doorstep I could not wait to rip it open. Raj was home with me when I was opening it, and the joy in his face was probably just as evident as it was in mine, he could not believe his eyes that Halloween had finally found its way to our home! Immediately he begged me to decorate our house, and as I started placing some of the items throughout the house he begged for more and more and more, and before I knew it I was in our garage bringing in the rest of our Halloween decor. He wanted items in our living room, the dining room, kitchen, his room, and pretty much everywhere. The following day after school we had to make a stop at Trader Joe’s and they had just started bringing out their pumpkins, and you better believe there he was filling up our cart full of pumpkins! 

I have always loved the holidays, always enjoyed decorating our home and getting excited for all of the holiday festivities (even as a child I would decorate my bedroom with all of my mom’s unwanted decor), so now that Raj is finally at an age where he not only gets excited for the holidays but completely understands what they are and wants to help prepare for them, our house has become so much fun!! With his birthday so close to Halloween I have always thought it was so cool how much he loves Halloween, so it feels like even more of a reason to go completely nuts in decorating. 

I wanted to snap some pretty photos of some of my favorite corners and areas of our home which are decorated and I linked all of the items below. Also, since Winter is right around the corner at the bottom of this post I have put together some of the Winter Holiday Collection from MacKenzie-Childs that I will be keeping my eye on. I don’t always buy all brand new items every year but I do love buying a few pieces to add to our collection every year, and now with Raj so excited you better believe we will be going all out! 




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  1. November 10, 2018 / 8:08 am

    I love Mackenzie-Childs and these pieces are so fabulous! That is so fun that Raj is into holiday decorations. You two must come visit as I need some enthusiasm for my own holiday decor.. My Halloween decorations were sadly ignored by the hubby with the exception of the candy. 🙂


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