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Cinèpolis // Crazy Rich Asians

Finally made it back to our favvvvvorite place in OC last week, Cinépolis! This has become D and mine’s favorite monthly ritual; we put Raj to bed, hire a sitter, and sneak down the road to eat dinner and watch a movie together. It’s intimate, relaxing, and since we are obsessed with the food, it’s also one of our favorite dinner options. The nights when D can leave the office early we go for the Cinépolis ‘Magic Hour.’  As you can see in the image below, tickets are only $7-10 Monday-Thursday from 3:30-5:30 and the food/drink menu has Happy Hour prices (we are total suckers for the Truffle Skinny Fries and Gourmet Beef Sliders). What a deal! Between the glass of wine and delicious food enjoyed while watching a movie, this honestly feels like such a HUGE treat and we love every single thing about the experience. 

This last visit we saw Crazy Rich Asians, which I was so excited to see because as you all know I just read the book. It was such a cute and lighthearted movie and we both enjoyed it so much! Since D knew I read the book, we sat for a little bit in the Cinépolis lounge afterwards and I told him all of the ways the movie was similar and different from the book. In a way, I actually enjoyed the movie a little more than the book, which D found interesting, so we hung out and had a beer from the Cinépolis bar before heading home. It was the perfect way to end the night.

Do you remember my other posts I have written about Cinépolis, here and here? You guys know we frequent it all the time and every time we go I feel like we have a different but equally amazing experience. In just two hours we can eat dinner, watch a movie, enjoy dessert and a drink, and it ends up being the most relaxing evening of the month. Since we are so busy and don’t get a ton of time to do something together, the ease and quality have become our favorite things about Cinépolis. If you haven’t treated yourself to this experience I cannot recommend it enough! 

We have a running list on our phone for the movies we want to see over the next few months so we’ll be returning to Cinépolis in no time. D is a movie LOVER and his favorite thing to do when he has time is watch movies. He mentioned to me at our last visit to Cinépolis, that his dream is to take a full day off to just watch movies back-to-back, which now means my life mission is to make that dream come true for him!

Check out this link for a list of Cinépolis’ upcoming showings and try this luxury one-of-a-kind experience for yourself! 

*this content is sponsored by Cinépolis


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