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Oceans 8 with Cinèpolis

This post is sponsored by Cinèpolis, all photos and opinions are my own.

The best way to feel pampered and spoiled beside a day at the spa: a luxury movie theater experience.

If you haven’t experienced this yet, I cannot tell you enough how much you need to add this to your summer bucket list. Darshan and I have been coming to Cinépolis for years for date nights, even pre-Raji, and it has always been one of our favorite things to do together. Why? Well, Darshan loves movies and I love food, to be honest it is literally that simple why this place makes us so happy! Last month I shared a little about my Girls Night Out at Cinèpolis with my friend Cassie, but this month I wanted a night out with the hubs so I took him as my date. We got to watch Ocean’s 8 which is a movie he has been looking forward to seeing because he is a huge fan of the original and I couldn’t help but be excited to see it simply for the cast #girlgangGOALS. The movie was so great, it was a wonderful tribute to the original and we both loved it!

We had such an amazing time, and even better, we didn’t feel stressed about the night at all. You guys know from previous posts that Darshan’s work schedule can be a little grueling. In the past when we have tried to schedule a date night out for movie and dinner it has been a complete fail. Darshan is usually running late, and we don’t have time to stop for dinner. With the added stress of getting the tickets and finding decent enough seats. It just takes away from the excitement and our ability to enjoy the night. By far, the absolute best thing about Cinèpolis is the fact that none of those 3 issues would ever happen in the first place. For starters, I ordered our tickets online. Then I was able to reserve our specific reclining leather seats (how freakin’ amazing is that). And because Cinèpolis has a full bar and tons of concession items, we were able to eat dinner while we watched the movie, and I mean more than just popcorn… you guys, I had a full on spread, double check!!

Last time when I went to Cinèpolis with my friend Cassie I had already eaten dinner so I really was only in the mood for dessert. The dessert was amazing, but this time when we went we hadn’t had dinner yet and I was starvinggg. I saw the Beef Sliders on the menu and those stuck out to me right away! I figure they would be your standard pub style burgers, but oh my gosh, they were wayyyy above what I thought they would be, they were so flavorful and fresh, I was truly impressed! Darshan had the Thai tacos and he loved those as well and we both shared fries and popcorn, because no matter what, you can’t be in a movie theater and not eat popcorn, it’s a cardinal rule. Being able to relax in our recliner seats, eating our feast, enjoying a cocktail, all while watching a movie on the big screen was such a treat. It really is incredible how treating yourself to a night out in luxury can help de-stress you from the chaos of the week and can help you escape, even if just for a couple of hours. As if none of this could get any better, Cinèpolis has Magic Hour every Monday-Thursday where you can get Luxury Cinemas Tickets for only $10 between 3:30-5:30, which means even more money for dining in theater; not to mention it is also Happy Hour during that same time so your entire evening is pretty much taken care of!!

Here is a copy of the food and drink menu, I wanted to share it here because even I hadn’t realized how many great options they have for snacking, appetizers, dinner, shareables, and classic movie theater food. No matter what you are in the mood for, I swear they will have you covered!

Darshan has already been dropping hints that Cinèpolis would be a great birthday party bash location. He is a December babe so that gives me time to think of some ideas, I know for sure it would be a dream for him to rent out a room with our family and friends to watch a movie together, so I just might have to get on that!

Have you had a chance to visit your local Cinèpolis? They have them in so many locations now, we always go to the one in Laguna Niguel but you can check their theater locations HERE to see where the closest theater to you is… I swear you will have the best time! To be completely honest, Cinèpolis is one of the only places I will go see a movie now, I have been completely spoiled, haha!



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