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Spring update

*This content was created in partnership with JCPenney for Instagram

One of my favorite trends this spring: Gingham 

My seconds favorite trend: hangin’ with my best pal, Mr. Raj!

Raj and I are so excited for Spring, the sunshine, and enjoying walking in our favorite hangout spots and cruising around PCH. This Spring I have loved the monochromatic look, which Raj and I are rocking and especially loving gingham, I fell in LOVE with these perfect mules
from JCPenney, and had to have them. I also love that JCP carries some of my favorite brands, which have that easy effortless style I have loved lately. 


Here is what we have been up to:

  • Raj has become such a big boy lately. He carries full conversations, remembers and shares stories about things he has played with or done throughout the day. I feel like even before I became a mom back when I was teaching preschool this was my favorite age, I just love hearing the funny things that come out of his mouth and learning how he sees the world and hearing his take on the day.
  • Operation potty training, finally confidently complete. This was a doozy, folks. Just like crawling, walking, and eating, Raj went on his own pace in this developmental stage. He has never been an easy kid when it comes to these milestones and has always forced us to check our ideas of how it would go down at the door, and potty training was no different. It took us a solid three months of dedicated work, but we now feel confident in his progress and trust him to keep dry without constant timers and reminders, thank God for that and thank God for my washing machine!
  • Business front has been crazy, I am proud of my husband for having some record sales months at the dealership and truly building a dream team operation. I am less involved now as my own business has grown which requires more time from me but there are a solid few days a month I try to help him where needed…. not to mention operating and managing the household and Raj’s schedule about 90% solo, but team work makes the dream work, right? And so do 12-15 hour days, but hey who is complaining (:P)
  • In exciting news, my birthday is this month… I am excited to have a low key celebration with my family and maybe something with friends – if we are being honest I haven’t fully decided which route I want to take, but I LOVE birthdays so trust that something will be happening. This mama don’t play #birthdayqueen
  • I have some fun content coming here to the blog which I can’t wait to hash out. I have been taking some time to reflect on how to make this the best possible resource for all of you whom I love so much and I have some fun ideas on what to do with this space. I really want to build a community of women who like to take life and all it has to offer and make this a safe place for moms not to feel alone in their worries, help those who are trying to find themselves after having kids, and share how I have managed to be a mom, business owner, and make time for myself. There is value in self-care and remembering to continue to keep growing as an individual and I am a firm believer that we as mothers shouldn’t feel like we have to give up who we once were to be a good mother. I plan to touch more on how to do this and why I value being my own person aside from being a mom, and I really want to celebrate finding that within this community.

Spring is such a wonderful season. It is a season of growth, rebirth, and also has us one step closer to the happy sunshine days of summer. Together lets keep one another accountable for being our best selves and being the best humans we can be for our families, our children, and ourselves.

May your home be full of fresh flowers, sweet smelling candles, and may you be rocking your best face and smile… happy new month and happy spring beauty to you!





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