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#32 // birthday wish



You guys, I can not believe I am 32. Low key feel so excited about turning 32 and I can’t quite figure out why, I can’t explain it more than I just feel like I have been loving my 30’s so far. Life has been crazy, a roller coaster, and it doesn’t seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon, but somehow I am thriving off that. My 30’s have been drastically different than my 20’s but in the best way possible. After I had my massive 30th bash (seen here and here) I have felt like I have wanted to spend every birthday just a little more quiet. Last year I had a lunch with just my siblings and parents and this year we had a small family dinner and then the next day D, Raj and I took a drive down PCH to Malibu. All I asked for was to watch the sunset with my boys, and my husband delivered in a major way. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend; they’re all raw, real iPhone photos – nothing fancy, no frills, no staging, but 100% my own kind of personal magical.


But I can’t end it there, what type of space would this be if I didn’t share some fun with you? I wanted to share a pretend wish list I have created, things that have been in my cart recently and items I have been drawn to the most. I notice my style becoming more boho than ever and there is something that feels very in line with how I want to spend 32  – easy, carefree, and more about experience, comfort and life than about looking super diva or over the top. I’ve been into more natural makeup, easy to wear shoes, and that means my clothes and accessories as well. I want 32 to be about slowing down and to have a sense of ease and I feel like everything I have been drawn to lately really shows that. So, enjoy my wish list – I wish I could buy it all, I can’t, but thats the fun of internet shopping, right?









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