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How to shop the Social Media Feed

Hey guys! I have spent the last two weeks trying out some new techniques for how to make browsing my blog and social media channels the easiest and most user friendly. I know having a quick and easy way for you to find links to some of the clothes, accessories and items I post photos of is important so I have been trying to find the best way to share things quickly for you and the most easily accessible. Full disclosure, all links I post here on my blog are affiliate links, also some items may not be exact as you guys know I like to re-wear and re-style anything I can, some items are from past seasons, so for those things I find the same brand/retailer/style for you to shop. I wanted to dedicate a post with a step by step on how to shop everything I post on my social media channels easier. Hope this helps! 




How to shop from blog:

Step 1: Hover your mouse over the above “SHOP” label until the tabs drop down

Step 2: Click “Shop the Feed” 

Step 3: Click on the image you want to shop 

And that is it! No need to sign up for anything, quick, clear and easy access and everything kept up to date and most recent! 



How to shop from Instagram

Step 1: Click the Linktree link in my bio

Step 2: Click “Shop my Insta”

This takes you instantly to the shop page on my blog – and same as above, click the photo you wish to browse and that is it!


I just went through and updated my most recent looks (in photos below) – so feel free to browse and shop all of the items in these photos on my Shop the Feed page, and as always let me know if you have any questions regarding sizing, fit, or anything else.






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