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Shoe game

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I have spent the last two posts talking so about shoes, which by the way are my favorite things to shop for, and my post earlier this week mentioned how wearing comfortable but stylish shoes are my go-to on the daily. One of the things I love most about fashion is that no matter what you are into or what your favorite investment pieces are, you can pick and choose what you want to spend and truly invest your fashion budget into, and then the rest of it you can be a little bit more practical about. I always feel less guilty when I choose to ‘pick my poison’ when shopping, and what does that mean? It means I pick an item, a dress or handbag or shoes, and from head to toe I pick one thing that feels most important to me and that is what I spend money on. For me it is shoes, occasionally handbags, but for some it is jackets or denim – you get the idea. That is where the inspiration for today’s post came from, I wanted to find of some of the latest trends and coolest style of shoes and find for you an option for all budgets. If shoes are your ‘thing’ you may love some of the splurges below, if you like to play it safe and stay budget friendly, I have those as well! The options below feature my 6 favorite shoe trends that are great now and will be just as on-trend this Spring so you can not lose here. From the cool girl sneaker, to the every day tennis shoe, the perfect mules, and edgy loafers and moto boots, if you know my style you know these are what I am found most in!


So tell me… what is your poison?



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