Happy New Year to all of you!!

I am sending you well wishes and blessings for a fantastic 2018. It was fairly sweet to say goodbye to 2017, although not typically a cynic, there was just nothing particularly wonderful about 2017 that I will feel compelled to miss or hold on to. Now don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the days that passed and the positive memories that were made, but all in all it was just a very weird and tiresome year. Darshan and I worked A LOT, sometimes at the sacrifice of our well being and ability to live as carelessly as we would like, our family endured some heartbreaking news, losses and struggles, and if it wasn’t for Raj’s happy spirit and for him keeping us going and enjoying our life with him it is safe to say 2017 really just could disappear – of course thats how I want to feel about it. Now of course my innate ability to always see the positive will always prevail and no matter how much I would like to sit and be bitter about some of the events that occurred in 2017, my nature and the smarter half of my brain is telling me I need to slow my role and take a step back and take the time to embrace everything that happened and turn it into a year that served its purpose as a teaching chapter of my life. Everything that happens occurs for a reason, right? I say that to everyone and I do truly believe it, so I need to take the last year as such.


Darshan and I were talking over the weekend and sharing our feelings and thoughts about 2017, the events that occurred and everything that took place and we decided that instead of terming it as a lame year, maybe we can look at it as a year of building. For the first year in over six years we didn’t travel anywhere (plans were made but every time due to some outside force they were simultaneously canceled), my poor husband spent almost every day working, and we really sort of stuck around town and stayed hyper focused on growing our business. Some would call us workaholics, perhaps, but what we learned is that when you are in business for yourself, the first years are all about sticking around town and perfecting your craft. That is why we have decided to term 2017 our ‘building year.’ The plus side to all of the blood, sweat and tears we poured into 2017? Well, what we realized about 2018 is that we now have all of the tools, the people, and the structure in place to truly truly capitalize on this life we are building together. For the first time since we have gone solo in this life and started the career of entrepreneurs, we are starting the year strong and secure in what we are building and we now have everything in place to not just function, but to really finally grow our dreams. Anyone who has ever been in business on their own knows that you think the start of your business is when you start to grow your dreams, but the reality is that those things do not start happening until you have dedicated years to cementing the structure. SO while we wanted to sit together and wallow on what a ‘waste’ 2017 felt like, what we realized deep into conversation is that 2017 was one of those years that needed to happen. We went through a lot, we sacrificed a lot, but what we didn’t realize in doing so and while everything was happening around us is that we were finally truly getting somewhere in all of those chasing dreams we have spoken about for the last decade. And now, more than ever, the new year feels exciting and promising, and I will be damned if we make it anything less.


As far as our family goes, my mission is to be a rock. To be there at the drop of a dime, to be a positive force, a smile and hug when needed. Mostly, to be strong and loving, and to be everything I hope to raise my son to be. I want to be the person my friends call when they need an ear, the person my family calls when they need help, and the comfort and hug at the end of the day when my husband walks in from a long day at the office. I want to be my son’s biggest support, his best laughing buddy, and the person he runs to when he falls at the playground. Why do I want to be all of these things? Because I just feel so thankful. I feel thankful for this life I get to live, I feel thankful for my health, and because I feel thankful that everyday I get to wake up and continue to work on chasing the aforementioned dreams – because not everyone gets to do that in their life – and in feeling thankful I just want to give back as much as possible.


In giving back to family and friends and everyone I love, that also means I hope to give back to you – my readers – the new ones and the ones that have been stopping by here for the last 4 years I have been doing this. I plan to get back to my regular posts, my raw feelings and anecdote, my honest truth, and to give you everything I love. Whether I am influencing you to pull out your favorite dress again, some chic heels, or pushing you to work hard and chase your dreams and be the positive light in your own life or for your loved ones, my goal today and everyday this year is to simply continue to inspire you and keep the flame alive. My hope is that you will stop here a few times a week, say hello, and share with me what keeps your soul on fire.


Let us all charge into 2018 stronger, wiser, and more ambitious than ever. Together lets make this a great year full of more life experiences and more growth and conquering the days with dignity and power. Continue to be an inspiration for yourselves, your loved ones, and your peers. Happy New Year, now lets go chase those goals!


Hope you enjoy some of our holiday photos we took last month, thank you to Alicia Mink for your talent and ability to always capture some of the finer moments of my life. And thank you to my two boys for always being my #1 inspiration.





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