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It’s the weekend! Well, not entirely yet but we are pretty much there. I used to look forward to the weekends mainly for two things: sleep and dressing up. Needless to say throwing a kid in the mix has limited both of those things happening but I still look forward to family time on Saturday and Sunday. I used to work at a preschool so Monday through Friday I was always dressed in what I termed “play clothes.” These were similar to the type of clothes your mom put you in when you were younger when you were headed to the park, playing around with friends, or headed somewhere where a clothing item could potentially be destroyed – only in play clothes, the destruction was a-ok. Usually this was because they were two inches too short or already had holes and stains in them, but whatever all I cared about was rolling around in the grass anyways! I did the same when I worked at preschool, I wore clothes that were presentable, however everything I wore usually cost me less than $5 (yes $5 – Old Navy clearance always to the rescue) so that if paint, throw up, or any other mystery liquid happened to splatter me, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. I saved my favorite clothes for the weekend: heels, designer jeans, my expensive tops and dresses. I always found an excuse to wear my dressy outfits simply because I was just so happy to not be in my day to day ‘play clothes’ from the work week. And now? Well, I am a mom. Every day wearing ANY type of clothing feels like a risk, haha. At any given moment I very well could have snot, drool, or a pretty chocolate handprint on my clothes and I probably 1. Don’t even know, or 2. I do know but I am just smiling through it. I still save my favorite clothes for the weekend just because it makes me excited for our plans, but now I keep things way more simple than heels and typically throw on some friendly mom shoes. My favorite mom shoes are sneakers and flats, obviously (have you seen how fast my kid runs) – thank God for that current sneaker trend!



What are you favorite weekend outfits? Are you a casual and comfortable weekend gal or heels and designer jeans? I am always mixing up both for sure!



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