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It feels a little bit silly posting about things such as clothing, shoes, and handbags today with the tragic event that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday, but I know that in the wake of tragedy we must all do our best to keep up the flow of positivity and sense of normalcy that keeps us strong and motivated to find peace and happiness again. So along with this today’s outfit post, I wanted to share a little bit of reflection I have been doing in the hopes that it helps bring you some peace of mind today. None of us should feel alone in all of this.

As with everyone else in the world I spent all of yesterday mourning and attempting to gather my thoughts and heartbreak over the senseless acts that took place. I know we all hugged our families so much closer, took time to be thankful for the well being of our loved ones, and have been feeling thankful that we all lived to wake up today.

I do not have words that can help the victims of this horrible occurrence, I wish I did and I wish I could erase the images that will forever be engrained into the minds of everyone who was witness to the tragedy, but I have been praying non stop and doing what I could to reach out to everyone that I know who was there and have been finding ways I could help in any way. Tomorrow I will be donating blood, we will be donating money to the organizations and community, and we will continue to lend an open ear to our friends who will need someone to be there for them over the next few days, months, and years. I wish there was more I could do; it is times like this that I feel the most helpless.

In the meantime I also plan to do my best to live life as normal as I can. What my mind is telling me to do is stay in my house and never leave, never send Rajan to school ever again, and never allow him out of sight or out in public; but in my heart I know that does nothing for anyone. It is my goal to smile more today, hug more today, and make my son laugh and feel joy more today and more tomorrow than he did yesterday. I vow to raise him to have a loving heart, an open mind, and to always be a positive light to share with the world. It is my duty as his mother to do my very best to raise a compassionate and loving human being who will share and spread his love and joy wherever and whenever he can.

My heart is heavy, my prayers and love and support are with all of the victims, but my spirit will continue to spread love and positivity however possible.

May God bring some sort of peace and happiness to you all today and everyday.






DRESS: MMC (runs one size small)

SHOES: CL by Chinese Laundry

BAG: sold out, same brand/style HERE

HAT: Brixton


LIPS: Too Faced Melted Matte color “Sell Out”

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  1. October 3, 2017 / 9:03 pm

    I felt (and fell still) all of this too and I hugged my little family tight last night–and prayed. We know that every single day is a blessing and it seems these tragedies remind us of how precious life is. I also can’t help but feel a sense of ” Enough. ENOUGH” and it feels like this sentiment is spreading a bit. Maybe we will all do more hugging and smiling and helping each other, making more friends than enemies and realizing that there is never a them vs us in most issues we face– we are all in this together…and…..how cute is this dress? Love it, beautiful mama!!!

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