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With all of the honesty, fashion, life, and fun things I post on here it would be very easy for me to turn a blind eye and just keep on with regular fashion and pretty photo posts to share for you all to see here. The reality is, lie is not always bright and beautiful. Hurricane Harvey hit our beloved Texas over the weekend and I still can not even believe the devastation the storm has left and the damage it continues to cause. As you know from some of my previous posts, my husband has family in Texas and more specifically he has family in Houston, the heart of where the storm hit. Of course it has been important for us to keep in touch with his family who is in the area and we feel so lucky and thankful that our family members are doing ok. However as much relief as it brings to know they are safe, what I have learned through conversations with our cousin over the last few days is that the city is in despair… and while it is one thing to hear it on the news and in the media, it makes it so much more real when you have family telling you first hand how terrible it is; that is what left me searching for any I could help.


When things like this happen, I feel like it is always instinct to jump online and start donating money to the big charities and websites. It can be hard to find out exactly what types of donations and items are needed by the people effected, so with the help of our cousin who has been volunteering on medical response teams during the storm I have gathered information on how you can help. Whether you are near or far, every little bit helps right now. To make things easier I wanted to put everything together that she has sent me and will continue to share it all here as I get more information. As much as I wish I could be there helping, at the moment this is the very LEAST I could do.


Here are the following ways we can help, the information and links shared with me by Houston citizens and volunteers:

KDD’s Harvey Rebuild Program

Amazon Wish Lists

• American Red Cross – text HARVEY to 90999
• Catholic Charities of USA – text 71777
• Global Giving – text HARVEY to 80100
• Salvation Army – text STORM to 51555
• United Way – text UWFLOOD to 41444

Diapers are not provided by disaster relief agencies, visit www.texasdiaperbank.org to donate cash for diaper kits for families being displaced


Items needed:

Individual toiletry (items you would use for travel)

Men’s and Women’s clothing

Diapers & Infant and Toddler supplies


Other ways to help:

Adopt a pet. If you’re thinking about adopting a dog or a cat, for example, this could be a good time.Animal welfare organizations in Texas and around the country are likely to take in pets that have lost their owners. For instance, the new Jersey-based St. Hubert’s Center has listed 12 Northeast animal shelters that are expected to take up to 100 shelter dogs from Texas. Check with your local animal shelters.


More information: via Consumer Report


I will be adding more information as I get it. I feel so thankful to people like our cousin who are selflessly sacrificing themselves to be on the ground volunteering. I feel thankful that she has kept me so informed and I just can not get all of the victims of this horrific storm off my mind and I know the rest of the country feels the same. Here are some of the photos she and her friends have taken which she gave me permission to share here. PLEASE, help in any way you can. Not just today, not just tomorrow, but weeks, and even months from now. It will take time to rebuild this beautiful city and when the storm stops it does not mean the battle is over.


Sending so many prayers to Houston.


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