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Safe Scents

Let me start this post with a little story on toddler safety, just to stress you out a little on this beautiful day. I am a huge fan of candles, I love them, cannot live without them, and I believe whole-heartedly that the scent of your home can make or break your hosting skills. There is nothing more comforting and inviting than a great smelling home. The problem with my beloved candles? I have the worst memory known to man, and I have convinced myself that one day I will forget to blow out my candles and the entire house will burn down. Not even joking about the seriousness of this fear. I was introduced by a friend to the wax burning scents, and they totally sold me on it: no fire, no candles to have to blow out, just plug in and boom – instant aroma. I thought, “wow this is incredible, where have these been all of my life?” And I bought 5 boxes of scented wax and a warmer and called it a life investment.

One morning I was getting Raj ready and conducting our usual morning routine: brush hair, brush teeth, keep child safe and happy. That is, until that last step got completely thrown out the window because that glorious wax burner I was so proud of which is nestled on our bathroom counter changed our morning in a matter of .02 seconds… just as I reached to toss the hair brush in the drawer, Raj’s fingers went straight into the wax, ouuuuuchhh!! Oh my gosh, my poor guy was in tears, and whoaaaa came the guilt. I felt so terrible, I couldn’t believe I could have set Raj on the counter without thinking, his poor little fingers were now paying the price for my glorious smelling bathroom. I unplugged the warmer and out went the wax because once my guilt took over I could care less about my pinecone smelling home.

When I was contacted by Enviroscent to try out their products I jumped at the opportunity. I am always on the hunt for products that are environmentally safe, and toddler-friendly, and these ones spoke to me. I wondered if the lack of heat on the burst balls would be enough for them to make a difference in our house since I have not used a warmer for them yet, since the burst balls can be used with or without a warmer (which they sell on their website along with all of their other products – found here), but that question was quickly answered when my husband walked in the door saying, “wow what smells so good?” #winning! I can not wait to smell them once I order the warmer, which I will be ordering because unlike the wax burning warmer, these balls do not melt into liquid/hot wax, and the warmer actually uses less heat – this is a mom PLUS for me.

Since receiving all 4 scent bursts, I have added one of each scent to different spots in our home. I love having the True Cotton scent in Raj’s room, it is so clean smelling and eliminates all little boy smells (the ones we don’t want), and they don’t have me worried they can cause harm in any way. I added the Paradise Breeze burst to my bedroom office and I love having such a happy scent giving me positive vibes while working. Downstairs I have the Wild Lavender burst, which is so relaxing and inviting, I love the way my living room smells, especially when I am having my alone time during Raj’s nap. My Amber Woods scent is used at our business office, it is the best office scent, especially in an office full of men because it isn’t too feminine.

If the bursts are not your preference (although I do not know why they wouldn’t be they’re personally a ‘must have’), Enviroscent also makes drawer sticks, bed and bath sticks, and car and auto sticks, so you can pick some up and literally tuck them away with you no matter where you go. Ready for this item to get even better?? All scent bursts are less than $5!! That is a quarter of the price of the warmers and waxes I had been previously using. Check out their website to shop all products, they are also sold at Wal-mart which makes them easy to grab on your next shopping trip. I will definitely be ordering the drawer sticks this week to add to my gym bag.

If you get a chance to order scents for your home, please let me know your thoughts on the products, I would love to hear what you all think!


  1. Jigisha
    April 12, 2017 / 1:57 pm

    Amanda, i cant wait to smell these fragrance when we visit! I definitely will want to order some too. Hope Raji is doing good. “Hot hot” …

    • southcoaststyleoc
      April 12, 2017 / 4:38 pm

      Yes! I will get you some!! Our house smells so good, our room smells like tropical heaven. Can’t wait to see you!!!

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