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So Cozy

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(that is some sweet ‘good morning’ hair right there)

Little boys with long beachy styled hair have always been my weakness. When I taught preschool, I would fall so in love with the little cuties that walked in with their tousled hair, they were instant cool little guys in my book. I always knew that if I had a son, he was going to have long hair for as long as Darshan would allow (he is a regular at the barber shop). As Raj got older and his hair began to grow in, I was elated to find that he had my lighter brown hair color; it was soft in texture and volume, and even better – curls!! I begged and begged Darshan to let me keep his hair long until he was at least somewhat older, and thankfully with my strong convincing skills and with the help of every old lady at the grocery store swooning over his curls, Darshan agreed to let it stay long until he turns 3. However, this agreement came at one condition: it stays out of his eyes, and is still combed nicely so that he doesn’t look like a ‘street rat’ (Darshan’s term, not mine). I happily agreed, and since it’s only gotten thicker and more curly the older he gets, I quickly had to find a solution to help keep his curls in check and his front wave out of his eyes. He started doing this super cute little hair flip like the surfer dudes do when they’ve just climbed out of the ocean, and as much as his little habit makes my heart pitter-patter, I know first-hand how annoying it can be to have your hair in your face, so I vowed to find some great kid-friendly hair product to help him out with that.

Where do we moms always go to find the greatest and coolest baby products? Target, duh! That is when I discovered the brand So Cozy. I purchased their kid-safe and gentle hair gel, and ever since the brand has been a staple in our house. My lovely (but ever so picky) husband even complimented the way it held Rajan’s hair in place so nicely, but without ever making it look greasy or hard (or weighing down and making his adorable curls disappear).

Being such a huge fan of So Cozy, I recently saw that they launched a new line called Hush, intended for sensitive scalps. Of course, I had to try it out immediately! I contacted the brand and they let me try out some samples, and needless to say both my husband and I were very impressed. The shampoo/conditioner combo has been such a shower-saver, it takes tare of both tasks in one, and it’s been great because since Raj has long hair conditioning is A MUST. The Sensitive Scalp Serum Balancing Treatment has been great to put in his hair following swim class. Raj takes swim lessons in a salt-water pool, so his skin and scalp get really dry and itchy. We have been putting the treatment on his scalp when we get home from swim and it seems to be helping that out, which is great because there is nothing worse than feeling itchy. I also love the Sensitive Styling Foam from the line, it keeps Raj’s curls intact and still pretty and bouncy, he has all of the ladies at the grocery store oohing and awing over those gorgeous curls. And our absolute FAVORITE product from the new line is the Sensitive Detangler Ultra-Gentle Leave-in, my husband came downstairs the other day saying, “ok, this new line is AWESOME in Raj’s hair, that leave in conditioner made his hair so easy to comb and style!” – need I say more? It is picky husband approved. We like to use this for after nap or in the morning when he wakes up with wild and crazy hair, we spray some in and it allows us to re-style his hair and get it tame and laying nicely. It also makes it incredibly soft and honestly looking so great, this was by far my favorite item!!

For all of you mama’s out there, I highly recommend this brand. Its gentle, and out of all of the hair styling products, has the most sensitive and completely non-toxic ingredients which makes me feel comfortable and safe when using it, and also guilt-free for having to put product in my son’s hair. It makes mommy and daddy happy, and keeps Raj’s hair natural looking, but out of his face and eyes. I have found it at Target and a few other retailers so its super convenient to buy and not expensive at all, plus a little goes a long way so it lasts a long time (we only have to purchase a new bottle every couple of months).

If you try it out or already use it for your little ones, I would love to hear what you think!! Leave a comment or message me your thoughts, I always love to get everyone’s feed back.


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