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My Forever Valentine

Since Rajan’s first Valentine’s Day, I always made it a point to take fun ‘Mommy & Me’ day date Valentine’s photos with him. The first two years we got dressed up and had some fun dancing around in front of the camera in our finest attire, but this year I wanted our date photos to reflect his age, personality, and to be more of a reflection of this stage in our mother-son-ism. He is active, fun, playful, and silly, and being his mom means I lace up my sneakers and join the fun or chase after him, neither of which I mind. With D’s busy schedule at the office lately, we have had such limited family time together that when the moments occur to get away as a family, even just for a day, we try to made the most out of the time the three of us get together. For those spontaneous and last-minute days of freedom, the one investment we cherish the most is our Disneyland passes. For us, it is less about indulging Rajan and getting spoiled at Disney all the time, its more about taking the time to go on the little mini trips and spend the day having fun with Raj; he can run, play, and be entertained around the clock. What is great about that is we as parents just get to sit back, snap some photos, and enjoy the laughs and smiles beaming form our little guy.

on raj:

 Love Bug Kiddos tee || Zara jeans || Zara sneakers

on me:

Gap denim jacket || 7 for all Mankind jeans || black pocket tee || Chuck Taylor sneakers || belt || sunnies

How BIG does Raj look in this photo? I honestly hadn’t even realized how old he is starting to look until going through these photos. Such a bittersweet, joyful feeling. 

Honestly, I was dyingggg over that last photo. I didn’t even realize what a moment I caught until editing, I totally caught Raj’s hair flip he has become known for! This kid…

Happy Love Day to you all.



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