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Welcome to South Coast Style!!!


Hi everyone!! Welcome back to my blog, I am so happy to finally get to share my new and improved website and blog with you. It has been quite a journey getting to this point with everything going on in my personal life over the last two months, but through the support from family and friends, and one of my closest friends and the genius behind the new website design, Janell of JCo Web Design, we finally have a finished product!

My hope for the new site is that it will be so much more user and reader friendly and easier to navigate and stay up to date on all aspects of my blog: life, family, fun, and fashion. I have created tab categories to make it easier to find a blog post you are looking for, or if you love to read and stay up to date on certain types of posts I share, you can now easily find the subject posts you prefer. My overall goal of writing my blog is to touch on topics that my readers can find useful and can relate to in their personal lives, and I am hoping this will help keep us more in sync.

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As some of you may or may not know, as I shared on my social media, I lost my grandmother in October which kind of caused me to push pause on the life button and take a step back and really take time to focus on being a support for my family. I grew up in a very tight, close, family and the loss of my grandmother really threw all of us into a whirlwind. My mom is my best friend, and so for me personally, I felt like I had not only lost my grandmother which was difficult, but I also had to see and be there for my best friend, my mom, who lost her best friend/mom. Although I knew my personal business, blog, and running household would suffer a bit, I knew that my mom and my family needed me more now than ever, so I made the choice to spend extra time at my mom’s house. I don’t live close to my family, so for me that meant splitting my weeks between two places – my home in Dana Point, and my home back with family at my mom’s house. Personally, sacrificing business and daily life was 100% worth all of the time I was able to be present for my family. I was raised by my grandma and family that no matter what happens in life, you always choose family first, and that is exactly what I did. In October, throughout dealing with the loss of my grandma, we also had a birthday to celebrate and birthday party to plan for – Rajan turning 2!! It was struggle trying to decide what and how to celebrate his birthday in the middle of such heartbreak, but I had a great talk with one of my older cousins who shared with me that one year when she considered not having a birthday party for her son, my grandma stepped in and told her that no matter what obstacles and hurdles she was facing in her personal life, that the kids should never be the ones to go without. Needless to say, I knew the right thing to do was to carry on with Rajan’s party despite the sadness I was feeling, and I continued to do my best to carry on all celebrations for him. It ended up turning out great, and also proved to be therapeutic for us all; in the middle of sadness, we knew that through each of our kids we could still find joy and happiness again.

Between dealing with our family’s loss, celebrating my birthday boy, and heading into the holiday season, I feel thankful that I took the time I needed to dive back into my regular life pace. This has been a tough and impactful life event and I just needed to take the time to adjust to it all.

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Life, family, personal well-being, and finding the balance between it all is just part of life – it can be difficult and takes time, yet in the end you always find the light. The thing I have missed the most through everything was blogging and having the creative outlet my mind and soul so desperately need. It feels so great to have a live feed again, and I feel so thankful to those of you have been so supportive, patient, and encouraging along the way.

I want to give a personal and HUGE shout out to my friend Janell for the work she put into the design of my blog. Between dealing with my erratic time schedule, piecing together all of my crazy ideas, and still finding the ability to remain patient with me and supportive and there for me through this entire ordeal, she was a true rock star and delivered everything I was looking for in my blog design. I can not thank her enough for her amazing work – creating the design of my website has been a dream of mine since I launched 3 years ago, and I am so thankful to finally have the look I have always wanted!! So again, THANK YOU JCo Web Design!

And of course, a special thank you goes out to my Husband. If you only you knew the sacrifices he makes everyday and how hard he works so that I can be allowed the time I have to put into my blog, life, and family. He works tirelessly every day and yet still comes home with a smile and huge hug… on the days I have had to pick up and leave for 2-3 days at a time, with just a few hours notice, he never once questioned or made me feel any sort of guilt or showed frustration with any it. He sacrificed time with Rajan, and put in extra hours at our family business so I could be with my family, and for him and his support I will be forever grateful.

I hope you all enjoy the content I have coming up and I thank you again for continuing to be so loyal to this blog.

I can’t wait to share more!!

Happy Holidays and Happy December!




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