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Holiday Sanity

We are definitely down to the final lap of Christmas preparation in our house so things have been a little crazy around here, of course, in a good way. I feel like I never realize how huge my family is until the holiday season, I am definitely the kind of person that will think of anyone and any excuse to buy a gift for them, and it is Darshan that has to bring my Christmas high back down to reality since it wouldn’t make sense to spend a mortgage’s worth every year on gifts. I truly love all of the buzz of the holidays; so many people who have worked retail in their past tend to be turned off by it, but I actually loved working retail during the holidays even more, I am one of those super holiday freaks. Remember those Target commercials from a few years ago of the crazy-obsessed Christmas lady decorating her house and doing the black friday countdown? Yeah, that was me!

So how do I stay sane during this hectic time, you ask? Well, I found years ago that the holidays are more fun when you change the way you think about them. The parking lot and mall crowds, the long lines, and dealing with those scrooges in the stores… none of it will phase you if you become the positive one in the entire scenario. In the end, your loved ones will love whatever you give them, and you will have more fun preparing if you take the pressure off of yourself to get the ‘best gift ever’ – every year brings determination to do so, and I have found that people are most surprised and excited to get a gift they didn’t even expect, especially one that made you look at and think of them! It takes the average human about 60 seconds to unwrap a gift (not a scientific fact), but the fun and excitement you have had and experienced with your loved ones in preparation will make memories for a lifetime. Shop with a family member or loved one you have been wanting to spend more time with, stand in line to meet Santa with a friend and her kiddos that your kids can play with in line, and decorate cookies with your kids or nieces and nephews… the holidays are all of what you make of them!

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