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Canopy Style

I am so excited to introduce you to a new brand I am working with called Riding Hoods. We have a Bugaboo ‘Cameleon’ stroller in all black, and when we purchased it one of the things we loved most about it was that the canopy has the ability to be changed for other colors. You all know how much I love black, but I also love to give the items I own a fresh face every now and then, and I knew that having that flexibility with a stroller I was going to use for 3-5 years would be fun to have. In comes Riding Hoods, one of my new favorite stroller accessory lines. Although Bugaboo does make stroller canopies that you can buy and add to your stroller, they typically always have the same colors, which is not a bad thing, but sometimes it is fun to make things a little bit more personal and that is exactly what Riding Hoods does. Riding Hoods makes canopies for your strollers in custom colors, prints, and will even monogram them, how wonderful is that?!


We tried out our pretty red canopy for the first time at the Happiest Place on Earth last week (Disneyland, obviously) and I absolutely loved that our stroller felt so Mickey Mouse themed. Maybe that is a little bit cheesy, but call me cheesy because I love fun stuff like that. What made it even more great was that when we parked our stroller to get on rides, it was so easy to find and spot our stroller in the stroller parking since it stood out so much compared to every other stroller. The canopy was so distinct and easy to find, and I absolutely loved that!



We also recently ordered another canopy in white, and this time around we had it monogrammed. I am excited to take that one back to Disneyland next time because with a monogrammed stroller canopy, not only will it be easy to find our stroller, but it is kind of nice that no one else can claim it… I always get so paranoid when leaving our stroller left unattended!








If you have a little one and have been wanting to add some ‘spice’ to their stroller style, definitely take the time to check out Riding Hoods. They have so many great colors, prints, and even different types of fabric to choose from which will be wonderful for all types of weather.


By the way, can I just tell you how much fun we have had having our Disney passes?! We have gotten so much great use out of having them, and since mine and D’s ‘entertainment’ budget is almost nothing compared to before having Raj since we really don’t go to the movies and out like we used to, we have kind of applied that monthly budget to Disney passes which makes them worth every penny. We love going and spending the evening or a quick afternoon there, Raj loves it so much, and he has become such a little Disney lover that it makes it even more fun to see him light up over seeing his favorite movie characters. We are currently in a Toy Story obsession phase, and oh my gosh did he freak out when he saw them live last week! These are the moments that you live for as a parent, it truly does just get more fun seeing them grow.
Riding Hoods is currently offering all of my readers 20% off your purchase with them until August 18!!!!
Use code southcoast16 at checkout to receive your discount,
I promise you will LOVE your canopy!!
With love,




South Coast Style OC