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Getting Tropical

on me:
top by Madewell, similar style here || denim || watch (c/o) || shoes
on raj:
Zara shirt, similar here || shorts are an old pair of Hudson’s which got too short and I cut, similar style here || sandals
Hey all! Hope you are all having a wonderful week. I wanted to share some pics of me and my little guy from over the weekend. Lately we have been trying to enjoy the beautiful weather as much as possible and keep our little ball of energy outside and moving; is it just me or does this summer seem to feel exceptionally wonderful and not too hot like it usually is?! Maybe because I am so distracted running after my little guy all the time I am too busy to realize how hot it might actually be, not quite sure, but I don’t mind it! To be honest, he keeps me on my toes so much these days, I don’t know how my brain can remember left from right sometimes!


Between Darshan, Raj, and I, we have been wearing so much tropical print lately you would think every Sunday we were on vacation in Hawaii (we wish, ha). Tropical print pieces have become quite a big trend this summer, and I am not lying when I say that my husband has been trying to make this happen for years. From as early as I can remember, dating all the way back to college, he would always make funny comments to me about how he couldn’t wait until he was a dad so that he could wear ‘dad shirts’ and how he especially couldn’t wait until he was a grandpa so he could rock Tommy Bahama (insert laughing/crying emoji here)!!! I kid you not, I always thought he was kidding, until as the years crept up, I started noticing funny printed button downs in our closet… and eventually, his token plaid print button downs became palm trees and banana leaf prints, talk about having a ‘whoa, did we really reach that point’ moment. Needless to say, I see where he was going with this idea. Since last summer, I am not ashamed to admit that I may have followed his lead, and Raj and I have pretty much jumped on Dad’s ‘Tommy Bahama’ train. The house is full of tropical print clothing these days, and we have no shame in our game!!



I love this picture… although it isn’t the most ‘flattering’ of me, its a very honest capture, Rajan saying “come onnnnn, Mom!” always on the go…






From our family to yours… I wanted to share some of my favorite tropical print pieces for everyone in your family. Try one out, and I guarantee you’re going to feel like you are somewhere under a palm tree drinking a Pina Colada, and if you have a toddler, you will probably also feel like you are constantly running quickly after them through sand and ocean waves as well.



With love,


South Coast Style OC