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Kickin’ it into gear

For months I have been making promises to myself to get in shape, live a more steady and healthy lifestyle, and to take working out and eating clean more seriously. I wouldn’t say that I neglect these things, but I am also not the most consistent with it. I grew up in a very athletic family and played sports my entire life, so living an active life is not anything new to me. I have always been so great about going to the gym, and while I am a self-proclaimed foodie, I know when to draw the line with eating as well. However, ever since I had Raj, all of these things started to get more and more difficult. When I was 6 months pregnant I was told by my doctor that I had to stop working out due to a fractured rib (thanks Raj), and since that day, I have had the toughest time getting back on routine…
Fast forward 2 years, and I am now feeling that drive and motivation to make a change. I have done ‘ok’ enough to maintain a comfortable weight, and while I am not saying I feel there is anything wrong with how I look, more than anything, I need to and want to live a healthy lifestyle. Daily I wake up sore, stiff, and tired and I am starting to believe that a large part of that is because I have not been giving my body the love it deserves.
Que my new promise to myself and one of my 30th birthday resolutions…
to be more diligent and consistent with changing my lifestyle and being more consistent with the food I eat and working out.
I got this magazine, #CLEANANDSTRONG, in the mail a couple of weeks ago which is all about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean diets and restrictions, it means loving and taking care of yourself. Reading through this magazine gave me just the motivation I needed. Mind, body, and soul need love and care, and just as we are always sure to provide the best care for our children and loved ones, it is so important to remember to do so for ourselves as well.


Another item I was excited to get in the mail was the Teami Detox Tea from Teami Blends. I have seen so many other weight loss shakes, drinks, and pills floating around, and what I loved about this tea is that
1. It is completely all natural. Every ingredient is a plant, and
2. It isn’t a ‘weight loss’ aid, but rather an aid to help flush out all of the toxins in your body – huge difference!
Healthy living is not just about how you look on the outside, but how your body is functioning and operating on the inside, and starting with a healthy toxin flush is always key to changing habits.
I love starting my morning off with my tea and a great read – be it magazine or book, another hobby I have forced myself to dig back into. I have always been an avid reader and stopped allotting time in my day to do so… the third and most important part of a healthy lifestyle – feeding your mind and soul. For me, that is reading! I have already finished off two new books in the last two weeks and have had countless magazines checked off my list that have been sitting on my desk for weeks. Needless to say (sorry guys) reading Facebook and Instagram feeds does not count as leisure reads. The idea is to check out of the daily feed.
Admittedly, the best part of my morning is when this sweet little guys wants to jump up and snuggle with me while I am reading and drinking my morning tea… he makes my heart the happiest, and I loved that during this shoot he took it upon himself to run up and join the party, hahaha!


I am also excited to announce I have recently joined a Barre studio, Barre3!!!! I have been wanting to try out their classes for SO long and finally built up enough courage to do so, and boy am I sad I waited so long… I LOOOOOOVED the class!!! I left the class so excited to return, that NEVER happens. I am can’t wait to see how it helps transform my body and how it makes me feel and will be sure to report back to you on how that is going…
I have a few special offers for my readers!
If you are interested in checking out the #CLEANANDSTRONG magazine, use my code
for an exclusive discount.
Also, if you are interested in trying any of the Teami Blends, use code
for 10% off any tea blend!
What are some of your healthy lifestyle choices? Everyone has their own blend; just remember the key is to stick to what makes you feel good.
Happy Wednesday and Happy Healthy Living, friends!
With love,
shop my favorite workout gear:

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