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Goodies for the main lady in our life…

Mother’s Day has got to be one of the most special days we celebrate, I find very few who would disagree with me on that. We all have a mother, are mothers, or know some very special moms who mean the world to us, and this day is meant to celebrate all of them – not just your own.
Becoming a mother was one of the greatest gifts, I dedicate my life and every minute of every day to being the best one I know how to be; I spend each minute being thankful for my mom who did the same, D’s mom who did the same, and everyone other mom I know who continues to do so. The sacrifice, love, and selflessness that a mother gives to her child is unlike any other, and the bond is irreplaceable.
I am a firm believer in spoiling mom on this special day, and being a mom I understand that it isn’t necessarily about the price tag, but rather the thought. Homemade gifts are just as special as ones purchased in the store, and I think that is something to keep in mind if your family is on a budget this year. While that is true, and I know many moms who would say the same, and would probably also value a good uninterrupted nap as much as a $2,000 handbag… finding nice gifts to give to mom doesn’t hurt šŸ˜‰
I rounded up some of my personal favorite items I have purchased recently because I wanted to be really careful to recommend items I know mom would love.
Be sure to spoil the special mothers in your life… homemade cards, breakfast in bed, flowers picked from your garden, and letting her sleep in can be very underrated! Keep it special, personal, and intimate, and I know mom will end the day feeling loved and appreciated.
Truthfully, do these things on the regular.
Whether your mom is a working mom, single mom, or stay at home mom – remember, there are no lunch breaks or days off in this job of raising children, and a sweet gesture on a rough day can fuel the heart more than anyone could imagine.
Happy Mother’s Day week!
With love,

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