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Blogger Buzz: Interior Design

I shared a post recently here, about how I was inspired to counter all of the negativity I have seen lately on some social media sites with positivity and empowerment to my peers; peers meaning, other bloggers. A co-worker introduced me to blogging and reading and following blogs about 5 years ago, and the first blogger I became a fan of was Nicole Davis, originally of ‘Me Oh My Mama.’ I had just moved into my first home and she kept me inspired by sharing her home decor, party and hosting tricks and ideas, and her family was truly just so darling. From that point, I was hooked and loved the inspiration I always walked away with after browsing her site.
I have always been passionate about interior design, and originally was inspired to start my blog to share my personal love of fashion, travel, and interior design. Fast forward a few years, and although I don’t share as much interior posts quite yet (look for more in the coming months) – I do love sharing when I can, check out my recent post SCM Living: Home Space. Interior design keeps me on my toes, and I am constantly following current trends, keeping up with the latest textiles, and try my best to stay up to date on my knowledge on interior design styles so that I can keep my own home evolving over the years. There are a couple of interior designers who also blog about current design techniques and styles, as well as share their current projects, and I knew I had to share my favorites with you! If you love design, interior aesthetic, and are looking for new ways besides Pinterest to stay up to date on current interior design trends and ideas, these blogs are the place to go!
Remember that blogger I mentioned above that owned the first blog I ever started following? Well guess what… this is her! She is now a full time, professional interior designer, and I couldn’t be more obsessed with her work. The epitome of chic styling, and more than just sticking to current trends, she is ahead of the most commonly seen styles and creates a timeless design that isn’t what you see everywhere else.
I stumbled on Becki Owens’ blog through a project she shared with Nicole Davis, and I fell instantly in love with her style and aesthetic. Everything she does looks so high end, and even though everything is super modern, there is always still a level of comfort and ‘homey’ feel to it – which is exactly what I love! I think it is pretty cool that most of her projects are local in Orange County, and love even more that she shares her projects from the very beginning and all the way to the end results… its pretty much a blog version of the HGTV shows I watch on loop!
I met Danielle at a West Elm event last year and thought she was one of the sweetest gals. She was so friendly and warm and I just gravitated to her immediately. I was able to connect with her on social media, and once I saw her work she quickly became a favorite of mine. I love her modern, girly style, but appreciate that she doesn’t make anything too frilly. One of my favorite things about her blog is that she is all about saving money and finding the most inexpensive ways to design your home. She shares the best money-saving tips and ideas, and is so creative with finding ways to spruce up or change up your room’s look with small little tweaks.
Hope you love these blogs as much as I do. I often find myself referring to these bloggers when looking for inspiration for my own home, and love following and reading their updates and current projects! Make sure you follow them on Instagram for day to day inspiration, each one of these bloggers has one of the best Instagram profiles out there!
With love,


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