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Sharing some of my favorite spaces of my family’s home has been something I have been wanting to do for some time now. I take great pride and and have a huge love for interior decorating, and have since I was a child. I used to beg my mom for new bedding almost every year and would be sure to complete my bedroom look with wall art, dresser decor, and carefully placing items that were a relection of myself and my current interests all over my bedroom. From a pink Barbie bedroom to Disney themed Aladdin, and my favorite “beach oasis” bedroom theme in my teen years (complete with grass covered accent chairs and ocean blue bed covers); I have always had an interest in making my living spaces special, personal, and pretty.
When D and I purchased our home almost 6 years ago, it was important for us to make it a home we would be proud to share with our family and friends, and for us, that meant making it have a true “homey” feeling, but without losing that touch of chic styling. With the ocean spanning across our windows, it was easy to continue to be inspired to keep with a beach cottage/airy vibe and feel. I love nothing more than walking into someone’s house and feeling like I don’t want to get up off of their couches or leave because I am so comfortable, and that is exactly what D and I wanted our guests to feel. Comfortable couches that didn’t feel too stuffy were a must, and a bright and welcoming color scheme was a necessity, which is why we went for neutral colored furniture with touches of blue throughout the rooms. Since we live further away from all of our family, we often have family and friends who will spend weekends and days with us, so it was also important for me to make this feel like a home, or ‘second home’ for everybody who comes here. I have tons of family photos and hints of personal touches that everyone can relate to. I love the long list of people who lovingly refer to our place as their second home, and nothing makes me more proud than seeing people so comfortable here that they doze off on our couches.
One of the tricky things when it comes to decorating for me is that I tend to always feel like I want to add, change, or move things around in my house. Even when a room seems complete, within a few months I am usually scheming up a plan to change or add something here or there. I warned my husband of this very early on which is why we made sure to keep our large furniture as neutral as possible, it is so much easier to change a pillow or throw than it is to purchase a new couch every other year. Another thing that was important to us since we love to host guests at our house is that our furniture is user friendly, by that, I mean our couches don’t look too stuffy to make yourself at home at, and when there are accidents or spills, no one is upset because our couch covers are machine washable and water resistant… nothing is worse than being at someone’s home and feeling them glaring at you because you didn’t wash your hands before you sat on their couches.




I don’t think I love anything more than lounge furniture. One of my favorite things to do is to open up all of the window shades and sit on our chase with the sun hitting right on top of me. It is probably one of the most relaxing places to be.




Of course, as with any home, I always feel like there are so many projects to be done. It has been a goal of ours to get more use of our fireplace, and we have always wanted to install a gas operated fire. There is nothing more relaxing than relaxing by the fire place on a cold night; but I must admit, it has taken a back seat since a tiny little 1 year old I know loves nothing more than sticking his paws in our fireplace… hence, the lack of anything in or around it!



Fresh flowers and candles can make any home feel loved, and I try my best to always keep fresh flowers in the house. They smell great and keep your place looking happy and also have the ability to change the vibe up a little… feeling neutral, grab some greens, feeling sweet, a bouquet of pink, it is fun to see how a great set of blooms can change a room!






I love the beachy, comfortable vibe of our place. It is an ode to Dana Point, the beautiful and classic surf town we live in, and the perfect place to hang your hat after a long day. I wanted to share these pictures because it will be fun to share some changes and progress over time, and truthfully, I have been itching for some change, and you just never really know what that could mean for the future… But, until then, calling this place home feels just perfect to me!
With love,
couches Crate & Barrel || coffee table Ikea || side tables Target || console cabinet Custom Built || shelves Ikea || frames collected from Ikea & Marshalls || chaise Crate & Barrel

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