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New Year, New You!

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful readers. I had such a great weekend and it was just the couple of days my two boys and I needed to start our new year off right. With a new year come all of the hopes and goals for each of us, with a new slate and new effort for self improvement. Of course, one of my new years resolutions is to be a little more healthy than the year past (who doesn’t add that to their list), but this year, my main goal is self improvement.
Self improvement can mean so many things, it can be thought of emotionally, spiritually, physically, and socially; for me personally, it is all of those areas.
Before I became a mom, I was always super organized, always on time, very efficient, and stayed on track – whether that meant remembering appointments or working out regularly, I sort of did everything seamlessly and naturally. Fast forward 14 months post baby, and I have realized that this is one of the things I have slacked on over the last year. I was forgetting appointments and events, not finishing tasks in a timely matter (both at home and professionally), and I have felt an overall sense of chaos in areas I was previously hyper organized in. This started leading to me running late to events and occasions, forgetting things, and even losing items, no good!! Add in the fact that I am now thinking for myself and another human all of the time, and you can imagine my frequent frustration with myself.
Going in to the new year, D and I made a pact to improve and work together in these areas in our home and to do so as a team, which means getting more organized, getting our schedules and routines dialed in, and staying more ‘on top of things’ both at home and in the office. With the business we own recently undergoing an amazing (and better improved) new branding, we decided to do the same at home; that meant office upgrades and improvements. We spent the last month decluttering items from our office, purging unnecessary shelves and furniture, and are completely working on making that space in our home more efficient and productive. I am a firm believer that self improvement begins at the core, and in this case, that means in the home. I am excited to not only get to redecorate a room in our house (who doesn’t love that), but also to work on an office more catered to my personal needs, something I have never done before. This is the first time I have been able to work from home in my life, so the office was always more for D, I am pretty excited to make it a little more personal now for the both of us. Redecorating an office means shopping for fun, new office accessories. For me, a key to success and commitment always begins with the right tools…
I have so many fun and exciting projects I am working on for you this year, along with new and different content. I am always excited to hear feedback on what you have loved from the last year, or even anything you haven’t seen that you would like to see here… I would love to hear your feedback on what kinds of posts would help you!! Feel free to comment below, send me an email, comment on instagram (@amanda_u_blog) or Facebook, please let me know!!
I hope the new year brings everyone new hope, new promise, and new inspiration for self improvement. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings to us!!
With love,
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