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OC Holiday Light Guide

One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is to drive around and look at decorated houses. Christmas lights can be so magical and enchanting and it doesn’t matter how old I get, I just love the nostalgia it brings. Last year when Rajan was only a tiny baby, after the first time he saw lights he was hooked, he would spot them everywhere and could just sit and stare. He was enthralled with our Christmas tree because of the lights and he would sit in his swing and watch the lights blink and twinkle; after this I knew taking him around to see Christmas lights would become a tradition and we were so excited to take him to the Harbor Boat Parade which he loved, of course, even as a tiny baby!
This year I wanted to make it a little more interactive since he is older, so we decided to find some decorated neighborhoods and drive around the OC and walk him around in his wagon to check out all the beauty. He loved every minute and lit up at the sight of all the decor, from the dancing Mickey and Minnie to the functioning trains in yards and larger-than-life snow globes, seeing his little face light up was so fun!
It took me a while to find a listing of all the holiday events going on in the OC so I thought it would be nice to share the direct link of events here to make it easy for some of you. I had to do some digging through Google so I thought I would make it easier for some of you!

Hope everyone enjoys all of the holiday festivities!!
With love,


South Coast Style OC