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Family Holiday Style

With the holidays in full swing and all of the family, friend, and fun events I am sure you will be attending over the next month, I wanted to share some family holiday looks for you from Mama and Papa to Baby. We love getting dressed up as a family, and although we don’t do the ‘matchy-matchy’ look, we definitely always coordinate our styles and outfits. Here is a look at our Thanksgiving family ensembles, and something that would be perfect for any family pictures and/or your next family event. Remember when dressing your kiddos that they are a reflection of you… D and I have always agreed on one thing, if we are in rags, it doesn’t matter as long as our babe looks clean and refined. Teaching kids at a young age appropriate dressing manners is very important, and looking presentable, even at a young age, is always important when attending functions.

With love,
on me:
dress // Old Navy
jacket // Forever21
on raj:
button up // Quiksilver
sweater // Old Navy
pants // Peek
shoes // Freshly Picked
on D:
button up // Old Navy
sweater // Old Navy
boots // Timberland


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